TGA evaluates baby COVID-19 vaccine

There are no COVID-19 vaccines approved in Australia for children under four. -AP

A COVID-19 vaccine for babies and toddlers is another step closer after Australian regulators confirmed they are evaluating a low dose of Moderna's Spikevax. 

There are currently no COVID-19 vaccines approved for children under four, with kids aged five and over given the Pfizer jab. 

Spikevax is available for children over six and Moderna Australia has applied to the Therapeutic Goods Administration to extend it to younger children.

The TGA on Friday confirmed it is assessing using a low dose of Spikevax, 25 micrograms in 0.25ml, for children aged between six-months and five-years-old.

That is below the 50 micrograms in 0.25ml measurement that is currently used for children aged six to 11.

Spikevax, an mRNA vaccine, uses a genetic code to enable the production of the coronavirus spike protein. 

Immune cells then recognise the spike protein as foreign and begin building an immune response against it.


NSW: 10,954 cases, 19 deaths, 1377 in hospital, 58 in ICU

VIC: 12,160  cases, 22 deaths, 524 in hospital, 24 in ICU

TAS: 925 cases, no deaths, 39 in hospital, one in ICU

QLD: 6130 cases, five deaths, 414 in hospital, 12 in ICU