Celebrating 145 years of The News

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Celebrating: 145 years of The News. Photo by Rodney Braithwaite

I have vivid memories of newspapers throughout my childhood.

You might say, “of course you did Tyler, you’ve wanted to be a journalist since before you could tie your shoes”, but I firmly believe that if you think on it for a moment, you too can recall memories with the same theme as mine.

I remember rushing out to pick up the paper from the front lawn, just so I could be the one to unwrap it.

I recall the smell of a freshly printed paper enveloping the weekend breakfast table as Dad, and then I, read it from back to front and front to back, unfurling and uncovering all of the stories of the day.

I hear, if I close my eyes, the jangling of silver coins in my pocket as I run to the closest store from our holiday spot to buy the latest edition of the local newspaper.

I see the clippings, whether they were in drawers and brought out on special occasions from when we appeared in print throughout our childhood, or in pride of place on the fridge from our latest achievement — or in my case byline — which had made the local news.

I feel pride every day when I see The News on my desk, knowing how much hard work has gone into every story in the pages.

I didn’t grow up in Shepparton, but if you did you grew up with — and in the pages of — the Shepparton News.

This month marks 145 years of McPherson Media Group’s figurehead publication and, as the latest in the long line of editors to have a seat behind the wheel of The News, I feel it is my great honour to help celebrate its history.

As a colleague of mine said to me when I took on the role of editor, we here at The News are custodians of the long and storied history of the publication — and we work hard every day to do those years justice.

You will have noticed the masthead on the front of the paper has changed today and this will run throughout the month.

We’ll also delve into different aspects of our history in each of the following four Friday editions of the publication — as well as online.

But what I want to hear is your experiences with The News over your lifetime.

History in the making: Appearing in the paper is always a thrill.

Did a story we produce really resonate with you?

Did one of our campaigns drive you to action?

Has your family featured heavily in the pages of The News across generations?

Have you worked with us in the past and have a funny story to share?

We are all human of course, and we all make mistakes along the way.

We also want to hear about the times when you picked up the paper and thought, “what’s going on here?”

It’s all part of the rich tapestry of history, and we want to share and celebrate it with you this month.

I look forward to hearing from you — send me an email at tyler.maher@mmg.com.au or give me a call at 5820 3228.

Looking back: A photo of the office built in 1893 after the previous High St, Shepparton, building burned down.
Royal influence: The Queen has been featured in The News along the journey.