Violet Town recreation reserve to provide shelter during bushfires

Safety first: Strathbogie Shire is reminding residents to prepare a bushfire plan as well as highlighting the locations of Bushfire Places of Last Resort — should they be required. Photo by Meg Saultry

Strathbogie Shire has reminded residents across its LGA about preparing personal bushfire readiness plans during the summer months.

Part of that is to remind them where their closest Bushfire Place of Last Resort (BPLR) is located.

For residents of Violet Town that will be the town’s recreation reserve.

Strathbogie Mayor Laura Binks said it was important for residents and visitors to have a bushfire plan, and to be aware of the closest BPLR.

“It is important to have these areas for our visitors and community members should a bushfire cause an emergency in our shire,” Cr Binks said.

“Councils in country Victoria are obliged to identify these emergency areas, which were formerly known as Neighbourhood Safer Places.”

Other BPLRs within the Strathbogie Shire are:

• Strathbogie — the Strathbogie Golf Club House

• Nagambie — the Regatta Centre

• Longwood — the Recreation Reserve

• Ruffy — the Recreation Reserve

• Avenel — the Recreation Reserve and

• Mangalore Airport

These areas are not emergency relief centres they are areas of last resort during the passage of a bushfire, and they are for the use of residents whose primary bushfire safety plans may have failed.

Cr Binks said with the fire season approaching it was a good time for community members to review their emergency bushfire plans.

“(I) would like to thank the community for their increased effort in carrying out fire-prevention measures on their properties this year in preparation for the... fire season,” Cr Binks said.

For more information on bushfire preparedness, visit the Country Fire Authority website at