St Joeys makes food donation

Gifts: St Joseph’s Primary School Year 6 students and house leaders Alissa Mete, Jett Trist, Lylah Shannon, Eamon Hyde, Nicko Perra, Jasmine Tyniec and Andre Corso with Moira FoodShare volunteer Tania Garland and coordinator Alan Petrie. Photo by Contributed

St Joseph’s Primary School has donated 657 food items to Moira FoodShare during its birthday celebration “Race to 100” challenge.

Each of the four house teams raced to collect 100 food items, but the school extended the challenge to collect the most food items by the end of term.

Year 6 student house leaders collected the items in trolleys each day and updated the students on the results.

McAuley House reached 100 food items first and gathered 136 in total, Ellis house gathered 127 items, Mercy house got 178 and Austin House donated 216 items.

Fundraiser organiser Francesca Crea said the idea for the 100 items for 100 years of St Joseph’s Primary fundraiser came up some time ago.

“We knew right away when brainstorming ideas we wanted something that we did this year to give back to our wider community,” she said.

“At first it was suggested 100 items, however we then thought with 300+ students we could aim for more.”

Staff members also had the opportunity to contribute to the donation effort.

Moira FoodShare volunteers Tania Garland and Alan Petrie collected the items on Wednesday, June 22, which will then be distributed to those in need.

Alan said the donation has already been put to use in their hamper program and shop outlets, providing a much-needed boost to their stocks.

“The students have demonstrated with a little commitment and cooperation, they’re clearly demonstrated a wonderful outcome amongst themselves,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we need a supply of food and they’ve done a wonderful job.”

St Joseph’s Primary School has also considered making the donation an annual event each winter to give back to the community.