Countback needed to crown winner

By Cobram Courier

The Moira Shire Nerds One took out Cobram Lawn Tennis Club’s annual corporate night competition by a whisker .

On Thursday, 32 business teams enjoyed fun and laughs on the and off the court.

The club thanked businesses for taking part and the committee for making the night such a great success.

Congratulations to the winning team which won on countback from Poolside Cobram.

It was a tough battle between the top of the ladder Numurkah Penguins and second-placed Cobram Cobras at Cobram on Saturday.

In the men’s, Mario Bruni was the only winner in his singles winning 6-5 against David Ludington. In other matches, the men narrowly went down by a game or two.

The women dominated their matches, winning three out of the four doubles matches.

Going into the mixed round, Cobram Cobras were only one game down.

Jack Cassidy and Kerrie Fisher teamed up, but went down 4-8, Mario and Helen Bruni won 8-6, Joshua Hutchinson and Kim Collins went down 1-8 and Rod Armstrong and Greta Lucu won 8-3.

The Cobras narrowly went down six sets 75 games to Numurkah seven sets 80 games. Helen Bruni was a three-set winner.

The Cobram Crocs were too good for Tatura Spiders, winning 10 sets 83 to Tatura three sets 66.

The Bramley boys — James and Luke — led the way winning their singles 6-2 and 6-4.

In the doubles, James Bramley and David Bate won 8-3, but Luke Bramley and Nick White were defeated 2-8.

Bate and White won in a tie-breaker 8-7.

In the women’s doubles, the Crocs won three out of four sets.

Heading into the mixed, the Crocs were nine games up.

James Bramley and Marika Newey won 8-6, Luke Bramley and Jackie Vogel won 8-5, David Bate and Kate Bird dominated winning 8-2 and Nick White and tamara Bate went down 5-8.

James Bramley, David Bate, Kate Bird and Jackie Vogel were all three-set winners.