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November 10, 2017

Thirty-four teams contested the weekly Trade Day at Cobram sponsored by Cobram Hotel.


Thirty-four teams contested the weekly Trade Day at Cobram sponsored by Cobram Hotel.

The Picola team of John Gillard, Arthur Morgan and Keith Berger took out the double by being declared the winners for the second week in a row with 66 points and 36 shots, just in front of Gavin Cullen, Vin Toohey and Geoff Mitchell from Barooga Sports also with 66 points but only 20 shots.

Best game winners went to teams skipped by Keith Faulkner (Cobram), Steve Brooks (Barooga Sports), Chris Philpot (Tocumwal Golf) and Gerald Rothe (Barooga Sports).

The jackpot is now $330 waiting to go off next week at Barooga Sports.

Friday pennant results:

Division one defeated Tocumwal Golf by the narrowest of margins, 70-69.

Ieva Saunders defeated Cheryl Townsing 29-23 to record the only winning rink, while Marj McDonald lost to Effie Eaton 16-20 and Brenda Smethurst lost to Vicki Dowling by one shot, 25-26.

Division two had the bye and is now looking forward to a win next week.

Saturday pennant results:

Division one defeated Wunghnu again in a close finish, 99-94.

Greg Dunn defeated Russell Smith 29-24, Steve Tatnall lost to Nick Davies 19-28, Bob Griffiths beat Doug Larkin 27-24 and Ray Parks downed John McKenzie 24-18.

Division two recorded another huge win, this time against Berrigan on Friday night, when it won all rinks to claim a 115-65 victory.

Division three defeated Tocumwal Golf (2) 73-58 and division four lost to Finley (3) by 10 shots, 38-48.

Selected sides for round four


Division one v Berrigan at home

M. McDonald (s), K. Baldacchino, M. Reilly, C. Thomas; B. Smethurst, B. Turner, B. Ingram, J. Mynard; I. Saunders (s), A. Vinecombe, G. Murphy, B. Quinane.

Division two v Barooga Sports at home

C. Doherty (s), A. Williams, M. Cooper, Annette Temple; V. Quinane (s), G. Mann, J. Liersch, G. Walker: J. Warfe (s), E. Evans, C. Mathers, C. Ward.


Division one v Katandra West away

R. Griffiths (s), G. Williams, I. Saunders, A. Vinecombe; R. Parks (s), G. Carter, A. McDonald, C. McDonald; S. Tatnall (s), K. Baldacchino, G. Murphy, J. Anders; G. Dunn (s), M. McDonald, M. Smith, R. Smith.

Division two v Barooga Sports at home

D. Quinane (s), B. Smethurst, B. Walker, J. Mynard; R. Dougherty (s), A. VanDam, K. Saunders, V. Kendell; P. Quinane (s), R. Palczac, M. Reilly, N. Ingram; P. O’Dwyer (s), J. Beasley, M. Crisafulli, G. Walker.

Division three v Finley RSC away

K. Faulkner (s), G. Mynard, B. Turner, G. Mann; J. Taylor (s), B. Doyle, K. Shields, D. Collie; A. Rushby (s), B. Maddox, C. Thomas, M. Violi.

Division four v Strathmerton at home

J. Crump (s), N. Walsh, C. Struthers, M. Stephens; J. Burkitt (s), D. Millar, G. Monk, C. Ward.

Emergencies: R. Sullivan, Barb Turner, G. Bowen

Barooga Sports

Pennant results were good, with one Friday team winning and one losing, while Saturday pennant saw only division four lose its match.


Division one played Finley RSC and lost 53-90. Division two played Tocumwal 2 and won 75-66, which is a good result for the division two players.


Division one played Tocumwal and won 115-82 to remain on top of the ladder. It has an important game this week against second-placed Finley RSC and we wish the side all the best for this game.

Division two played Numurkah Golf and won 114-82. Once again the side has a tough game this week against Cobram.

Division three had a hard-fought game against Jerilderie and won 74-59. It too has a hard game against top side Finley this week.

Division four travelled to Numurkah, meeting some tough opposition on fast greens and was not able to win, going down 54-32. This week’s game against Berrigan may be easier.

At this stage of the season it couldn’t be better for the Saturday pennant sides with division one on top of its ladder, division two second, division three second and division four on top.

Trade day last week was at Cobram and results can be found in the Cobram Bowls Club notes as is the usual case.

This week the trade day will be at Barooga with a jackpot of more than $300 on offer.

Ladies trade day last Wednesday was at Barooga. A strong field of 22 teams played and although no results are known they tell me it was an excellent day.

Keith’s Friday results are unknown as the correspondent forgot to take them home, but I do know that Rob Forster and Ray Wright won the day with a good score of +21 and the jackpot did not go off.

Rumour has it that ‘‘giant killer’’ Ed Coulstock gave Geoff Mitchell a run for his money in the their round of the club championship, with Mitchell winning after a tough battle.

Pennant teams for Saturday, November 11

Division one v Finley RSC at Finley RSC

Manager: H. Smith

G. Bennett, A. Bennett, P. Russell and G. Mitchell (s);

D. Toohey, K. Ralph, S. Brooks and B. Wright (s);

G. Rothe, J. Nash, H. Smith and R. Emerson (s);

R Wright, V Toohey, S Ralph and P Ware (s).

Division two v Cobram at Cobram

Manager: A. Ellis

F. Pinnuck, T. Keppell, R. Burnett and A. Ellis (s);

K. Cousins, E. Coulstock, L. Magee and C. Campbell (s);

M. Gaynor, J. Sullivan, C. Wigg and P. Perkins (s);

B. Johnson, A. Lewis, P. Buller and J. Escott (s).

Division three v Finley at Finley

Manager: P. Linquist

J. Canning, P. Linquist, R. Quinn and G. Hickey (s);

A. Denson, J. Bruce, G. Cullen and J. Toohey (s);

G. Backhouse, H. Quinn, W. Hoog and G. Ashcroft (s).

Division four v Berrigan at home

Manager: M. Hoog

K. Murrell, W. Ewing, H. Crothwaite and K. Bruce (s);

C. Cox, D. Nash, L. Ewing and M. Hoog(s).

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