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September 29, 2017

Sundial saved thanks to quick thinking

The committee of the Barooga Community Botanical Gardens would like to thank the person who witnessed the theft of the sundial from the gardens and was able to write down the registration number of the thief’s car.

This action led to the police apprehending the person responsible for the theft.

It is people like this who take pride in their surroundings and make the country a better place in which to live.

Thank you and the sundial will be replaced with a secure fixture.

Thanks to the police who followed up by recovering the sundial.

—Lynne Knight

president, Barooga Community Botanical Gardens Committee

Don’t forget Darling part of Murray-Darling

I have just completed a trip along the Darling River and what I have seen is a river system mostly in complete chaos.

I really wonder why the very contentious basin plan is called the Murray-Darling Basin Plan — somewhere along the way those hundreds of experts in Canberra with their marvellous computer modelling have largely forgotten about the Darling River.

The lower Darling is barely flowing and the salt levels are increasing dramatically.

The same rules that have been applied to the Murray River irrigation system must be applied to the Darling River.

It really breaks your heart to hear all of the stories of woe.

Farmers are doing it hard enough in Australia, dry times are here again for a lot and idiotic government energy policies has put their energy bills out of control — no wonder the average age of farmers is getting older all the time.

The Menindee Lakes need to be maintained as they supply a wonderful water source for Broken Hill along with sustaining and amazing amount of wildlife.

The argument that they evaporate quickly is wrong and can be countered by the 2000Gl of water each year needed to keep the once saline lower lakes a fresh water system.

If we are to have a fair basin plan then it must encompass the whole river system, including the lower lakes.

I am completely bamboozled by the NSW Government’s idea to build a 500km pipeline from the Murray River to Broken Hill — the water is already there.

Quite a few locals there told me the mineral sands mines want more water, hence the pipeline.

So many years since the basin plan began and it is enveloped in more controversy than ever.

—Peter Gilmour


Time to get our priorities right

Where do our priorities lie?

Threat of nuclear war, Australia’s Net Foreign Debt passes $1trillion in June 2016 or 63.3 per cent of GDP, gross foreign debt is double that at $2.13trillion as of September 2016 — this means our deindustrialised economy will not be able to pay its way.

Rural debt $65billion, loss of area of Australian farms, loss of number of Australian farmers, farm foreclosures, food security, food imported into Australia, manufactured goods imported into Australia, loss of manufacturing jobs in Australia, homelessness, cost of electricity, cost of shire rates, cost of water rates, cost of childcare, cost of healthcare, inflation, Australian big four bank’s derivatives exposure $35trillion, the combined derivatives exposure of Australian banks since 2008 has grown by 156 per cent.

Of the $2.1trillion that Australians have in superannuation accounts, $264billion is deposited in Australia’s banks, $146billion is invested in bank shares and $29billion is deposited in Australian bank bonds.

That is $439billion or 21 per cent of the total superannuation pool.

The financial claims scheme, government guarantee on deposits up to $250000 per person. In 2009 APRA noted that with the collapse of one of the big four banks ‘‘it would be likely to exceed the scheme’s resources’’.

In 2011, the financial stability board at the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland observed that the FSC ‘‘would not be sufficient to cover the protected deposits of any of the four major banks’’.

Australia’s housing bubble has driven up household debts as a proportion of disposable annual income to a record 187 per cent.

Comparable only to prior 1890s and 1930s depressions.

What is the solution to these problems?

1.Glass-Steagall banking separation legislation to protect your savings and superannuation.

2.A new credit system (government-owned bank exactly what we had 1912-1926).

3.National building infrastructure.

4.For the Australian people to wake up to what and who is driving the destruction of a national flawed financial system controlled by international interests in banking who have financed both sides of all major wars.

So what is the number one burning issue on taxpayer funded ABC, SBS and the other TV networks, print media and on politicians minds?

Two people of the same sex who are attracted to each other can get married or not.

—Jeff Davy


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