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August 10, 2017

'Disgusted’ that visitor centre may close

My husband and I were original volunteers for the Cobram Visitor Information Centre and worked there for more than two decades.

The volunteers then used to man the shop with no staff on the weekends and we would be asked for information for all over the shire and many more places the tourist wished to visit.

We were a part of a dedicated volunteers team that would work to keep the business open for seven days a week.

Also, we attended many sessions on how to be good volunteers. We were told many times that we were the first ‘port of call’ for visitors to come for information.

Be it for where events were held or other information as to what there was to go and see or do in our shire, the centre carried a very large range of brochures from all over Australia and we were proud to be able to help in any way we could.

We would have people come in looking for places and sometimes for people they had lost contact with — and we often were able to oblige.

There is nothing like personal contact with our visitors — which is more than an information stand can do.

The centre used to keep a tally of visitors to the centre each day and also where they came from.

I was on the understanding that the Cobram centre was accredited.

Visitors to Cobram are not going to go to Yarrawonga which is 30 minutes away to find out what is on in Cobram then turn around and come back, and not everyone can use a computer.

The cost of keeping this office open should generate enough business to Cobram from tourists to make keeping the centre open worthwhile.

Bring back the volunteers — there are many people willing to volunteer their time for a few hours a week or so to help make our town a ‘tourist town’.

Our river beach is unique, well-kept and a beautiful place to visit and be proud of and now has a cruise boat which is also a big attraction for visitors.

We can personally recommend volunteering at the centre. One can meet many interesting people and learn something from every day.

We are very disappointed and disgusted to hear that the shire was thinking of closing the centre.

What will be the next thing to go?

We do not have a rail service to Cobram any more and now we are unable to purchase rail and bus tickets on the weekend.

To us it seems a backwards step and it will be a very sad day for Cobram if the closure should happen.

It would also mean another business lost in the town.

We loved our day at the centre and took great pride in our work and volunteering for the Cobram community and the Moira Shire.

—Joan and Norm Jordan


Watch out for phone scammers

I would like to let the public know that the overseas scammers were on the phone again twice this week.

One saying he was from Perth, and saying I have won a holiday after filling out an entry form somewhere, but I haven’t.

When he couldn’t give me the name of the person who filled out the form I hung up on him.

The second caller said he was from Telstra saying I had been undercharged 90-odd dollars and needed my 16 digit number off my bankcard — I told him three times he was a bloody thief.

When he realised what I said, he said ‘‘Oh’’ and hung up on me.

They sound so professional with their dribble — they could fool some unsuspecting persons.

—Alan Snelling


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