Cobram Junior Soccer Association

August 04, 2017

A fine and sunny morning greeted the soccer players for round 11 of the Cobram Junior Soccer Association.

A fine and sunny morning greeted the soccer players for round 11 of the Cobram Junior Soccer Association.

The improvement shown by all the players is astonishing as they are starting to become accustomed to a sport that was foreign to many of the participants.

There were plenty of highlights on the field and this ensured the massive parental supporter base had plenty to cheer about. This week the team photos were taken. Thanks for everyone’s patience as the photos are now all being processed. Photos will be free of charge and they will be distributed on grand final day.

Soccer is in Yarrawonga this week and there will be some new goals unveiled.

This week the format of the grand final day will be distributed.

Please ensure the players train if possible. As usual training is in Cobram on Monday, Finley on Tuesday and Yarrawonga on Wednesday nights. The kids that are training are clearly improving.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, the Mulwala Water Ski Club and Intersport Wingates, for their continual support.

It was a magnificent morning in Finley and the entire showgrounds precinct is outstanding. Congratulations to everyone who assisted at Finley.


●Under-6 mixed: Chelsea 5 (Goals: Donnacha Straight, Byron Dodd, Award Finn Watson) d AC Milan 2 (Goals: Maisie Cope, Finn Wood); Manchester City 1 (Goal: Fletcher Davies, Award Johnny Conti) d Manchester United 0 (Award Jackson Smith); Juventus 5 (Goals: Archie Paterson, Kohen Verner, Liam Bentley) d Inter Milan 1 (Goal: Caleb Crisafulli, Award Joshua Hall); Celtic 1 (Goal: Campbell Reynolds, Award Hudson Daniel) d Barcelona 0 (Award Jacey Munro).

●Under-8 mixed: Inter Milan 3 (Goals: Luca Orsido, Kynan Knight, Award Mattias Burns) d Juventus 2 (Goals: Massimo Startari), AC Milan 5 (Goals: Sam Slatterie, Aiden Chandler, Award Jackson Betts) d Manchester United 3 (Goals: Luke O’Brien, Lukas Stewart, Award Luke O’Brien); Celtic 5 (Goals: Lenny Power, Rocco Anastasio) d Barcelona 4 (Goals: Elliott Loughridge, Jordan Munro, Jackson Tooke, Award Peter Everingham).

●Under-10 boys: Celtic 4 (Goals: Sam Hurlston, Cooper Sutton, Reuben Haley, Award Reuben Haley) d Manchester United 1 (Goal: Kerth Martin, Award Max Heffernan); Inter Milan 5 (Goals: Mikael Corso, Nicholas Russo, Oliver Mynard, Award Kristian Bovalina) d Chelsea 0 (Award Jackson White); Barcelona 5 (Goals: Jesse Everingham, George Wiles, Toby Wane, Logan White, Award Jesse Everingham) d Juventus 1 (Goal: Jacob Purdon, Award Cyrus Mogus).

●Under-10 girls: Manchester United 5 (Goals: Charli Pardo, Ella Skehan, Sienna Clarkson, Lucy Bassett, Melia McDonald, Award Ciara Smith) d Chelsea 0 (Award Savannah Mustica); Barcelona 3 (Goals: Rosie Steel, Cherish Joseph, Lilly McNamara, Award Lilly McNamara) d Juventus 1 (Goal: Lucy Wilkins).

●Under-12 mixed: Juventus 4 (Goals: Kye Everingham, Layne Haley, Jesse Wakeman) d Barcelona 0 (Award Kohan Joseph); Manchester City 4 (Goals: Paige Duffy, Oliver Cope, Xander Smith, Award Oliver Cope) d Chelsea 3 (Goals: Jesse McDonald, Dylan Nicholson, Daniel O’Brien, Award Max Cooper); Manchester United 5 (Goals: Alex Di Cioccio, Tom Lovel, Maddison Lyons, Award James Frazer) d Celtic 2 (Goals: Jacob Smith, Kye Everingham, Award Bailey White).

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