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February 24, 2017

Moira residents need to have their pets microchipped

Moira Shire Council is urging pet owners to ensure their pets are microchipped and the microchip information is recorded with their pet’s registration.

Council’s infrastructure general manager Andrew Close said too many pet owners appeared to be relying on good luck to find a lost pet.

‘‘Each year our council officers collect more than 500 animals and last year only 107 were chipped. It’s challenging to quickly reunite a pet with its owner when there is little or no information to identify the animal,’’ Mr Close said.

Council’s animal management staff carry microchip readers that allow them to identify a lost animal and make arrangements to reunite the pet with its owner.

‘‘Instead of taking the chipped pets to the pound we try to reunite them the same day — which can avoid fees for the owners and reduce the trauma for the pets and their families,’’ Mr Close said.

‘‘If pets are collected overnight we try and make contact with the owners the following day, and the microchips help us access the contact data quickly and easily.

‘‘Reuniting pets is the best result for the pet, the owners and for council — and microchipping is the best way to make this happen.’’

Mr Close said microchip information was not automatically recorded with a pet’s registration.

‘‘To get the benefits of microchipping, pet owners need to provide the certificate and details of the microchip to their local council when they register their animal.

‘‘The key message for local and visiting pet owners is please don’t rely on good luck to help find your pet — if you love your pet, make sure it is microchipped and the microchip information is included with your pet’s registration.’’

Across Victoria animal registrations must be renewed by Monday, April 10 each year.

‘‘Schedule an appointment with your local vet today and have your pet microchipped and the information recorded with your annual registration renewal. All councils can access this information to ensure the speedy return of your pet.’’

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