Speak up about road safety

By Shepparton News

With six lives already lost on Greater Shepparton roads so far this year, it is clear something needs to be done.

As drivers, we need to remain vigilant each time we hop behind the wheel, however, it is also important the roads we travel on are safe and reliable.

Victorian Roads Minister and Road Safety and Transport Accident Commission Minister Jaala Pulford was in Shepparton yesterday to announce a safety boost for nine high-risk Greater Shepparton intersections.

These intersections, identified based on safety records, geometry and community feedback, will be made safer with advanced warning signs, new guide posts, updated line marking and new hazard markers.

This $25million investment is an important one for the state — one which can save lives.

The announcement came following an insightful regional road safety forum held in Shepparton on Tuesday night.

Hosted by the TAC, the forum was attended by road safety experts, state and local government representatives and community members, with people from all walks of life coming together to discuss the important topic.

Attendees were given the chance to have a say, with people encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts on how to make local roads safer.

The forum addressed the horror start to the year on Victoria’s roads, along with the four areas which make up the Victorian Government’s Towards Zero strategy — safe people, safe roads, safe vehicles and safe speeds.

Forums such as this are important for the community to attend and share their thoughts and it was promising to see a range of people in attendance.

We, as drivers, are responsible for what happens on our roads, we therefore need to be made aware of what we can do to lower our chances of injury or fatality.

While the answer is not black and white, it is encouraging that community discussions are being held to directly target the people who use our roads.

It is important we share our thoughts on the issue when given the opportunity as we have the inside knowledge and the power to shape future road safety campaigns.