Murchison nursing home employees made redundant

By Morgan Dyer

More than 20 Murchison DP Jones nursing home workers were made redundant this week.

The facility, which was placed into liquidation last Wednesday, houses just seven residents, as liquidators continue to search for a solution to the nursing home's financial woes.

SV Partners director Richard Cauchi said the redundancies were unfortunate.

“It was a commercial decision that had to be made, otherwise we would have dozens of workers standing around with nothing to do,” he said.

Mr Cauchi said the centre continued to employ more than 30 aged care workers.

“We have a fundamental standard level of care that we continue to maintain and provide to our residents 24 hours a day,” he said.

Liquidators have confirmed they will no longer be asking residents to leave the facility.

The redundancies come after Member for Nicholls Damian Drum confirmed the facility would stay open.

“DP Jones is staying open, end of story,” Mr Drum said.

“The minister (Richard Colbeck) is giving that directive to the department of aged care to ensure they negotiate with another registered provider.”