Renes Region

A gloomy afternoon: Rolling hills near Dookie on an overcast day. Photo by Rene Martens RenSmart Photography
Starry night: Comet Leonard with many stars in the background. Photo by Rene Martens
The night sky: Comet Leonard shooting across the sky.
Pot of gold: A double rainbow below storm clouds. Photo by Rene Martens
Living up to its name: Winton Wetlands about to get a little wetter. Photo by Rene Martens RenSmart Photography
Angry skies: Ominous storm clouds hover overhead. Photo by Rene Martens
Fiery horizon: Rene captured this shot of a Victorian sunset. Photo by Rene Martens

This week’s Rene’s Region features a selection of images he has submitted since the end of 2020.

From a fiery sunset to unique shots of the recent visit of Comet Leonard, Rene never fails to capture the beauty of the north east.

You can find more of Rene’s photography