Don’t send your broken phone to the grave just yet

By Holly Tregenza

CHANCES are at some point you've felt your stomach drop as your mobile phone has taken a tumble. 

And sent up a prayer as you flip it over to see whether the screen is cracked.

And perhaps shrieked a little if it is. 

But fear not, there is now a solution to your waterlogged, dropped or otherwise destroyed devices; FarSide Tech Repairs, right here in Kyabram.  

Owner Bailey Davis has just opened his first shopfront on Albion Street after eight months operating our of his home. 

"I've always been interested in owning my own business and it's really exciting to have the opportunity to hire people in the future and teach them the skills I've taught myself," Mr Davis said. 

And he means it when he says self-taught. 

After completing an apprenticeship at a security tech company, Mr Davis took up some tech repair jobs on the side until it became bigger than his day job. 

His particular interest lay in micro-soldering, but he found that there is few and far between in the way of technical training in Australia for that specific skill. 

So like a true millennial, he turned to YouTube. 

And between teaching himself on broken phones and connecting with industry mentors around the world, Mr Davis has become quite the expert. 

He'll give anything from data recovery on phones to repairing an electric fence a go. 

"Anything that is considered a small electronic is something we can help with," he said. 

Broken phones seem to be the most common problem and Mr Davis said that a lot of people drop their phones outside the car and accidentally run over them.

"We've had a few phones that come in looking like a banana," Mr Davis said. 

"But we were able to save the data, which means the customer got to keep their photos."

If you're in need of a repair for your tech devices, head to FarSide Tech Repair at 30A Albion St in Kyabram or call the shop on 0447 377 697.