Dog auction now open online

By Daniel Hughes

The 2020 Jerilderie Working Dog Auction is at the forefront for innovation and has refined their use of AuctionPlus to reach a wider audience.

First introduced in 2018, the online bidding platform allows buyers and vendors to start the process almost a week before the auction day.

This year, Co-organiser Warwick Doolan says that using AuctionPlus has been more important than ever for those affected by geographic location and the recent adversity Australia has faced.

“The auctions opened up early to help buyers better prepare for auction day,” Mr Doolan said.

“A lot of the nation and its farmers have been affected by either drought or fires, or both, and allowing them to see the prices and interest shown on dogs a week in advance helps them plan for Saturday better.

“It allows them to go back to the farmer their representing and work with a budget, even allows them to ask the vendor for more specifics on the dog or to arrange a face to face to see the dog if possible.

“A big part of using AuctionPlus also gives our buyers from all around Australia the chance to be involved in the process from early on. We have bidders from SA, WA, QLD and TAS involved this year.

“Especially given the hardship Australia has faced, it gives people the chance to be logical with their spending.”

Over the last 14 years of running the auction, it has built a reputation for its integrity and quality of dogs.

This gives the buyers quality assurance that what they're buying in AuctionPlus is of the highest standards.

“Buyers want to know that the money their investing is going to be worth it,” Mr Doolan said.

“The scrutiny we have in the process we run with our balloting gives the buyers the assurances that they're getting the best dog for their money.

“When they buy a dog, they want it to be a life-long friend, healthy and hard working, which is what we ensure we provide.”

To see the live auction and start bidding visit