Farewell Maddy, welcome Laura

By Tatura Guardian

Tatura Guardian journalist Madeleine Caccianiga will be hanging out at the Shepparton News next year leaving her spot open for journalist Laura Briggs to take on the small town community stories for 2019.

Madeleine took over the Guardian in April this year from Ashlea Witoslawski and has made a lot of new friends during the eight-month period.

‘‘I was shocked when I was offered to take over The Guardian, so soon after starting with The News in January,’’ Madeleine said.

She said it had been a great experience, but was looking forward to getting back to The News.

‘‘I have learned a lot from the people in Tatura and a lot about working for a weekly paper and small town,’’ Madeleine said.

The Guardian will take a three-week printing break during the Christmas holidays, returning on January 15.

‘‘I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and all the best for 2019,’’ Madeleine said.

Madeleine wanted to take the chance to introduce the people of Tatura to journalist Laura Briggs who will be taking over The Guardian in the new year.

‘‘Laura attended school in Tatura and still has family in the area, including nieces and nephews who attend Sacred Heart School, so I am leaving you in good hands,’’ Madeleine said.

‘‘Thank you to all who have taught me the spirit of Tatura and welcomed me into their groups, families, homes and hearts over my time with The Guardian.’’