Festival enjoyed by all

By Tatura Guardian

Residents from Moyola enjoyed a bus trip to Rushworth on Friday, June 29 to attend the Waranga Winter Film Festival’s screening of The Sapphires at the Shire Hall.

Moyola resident Glad Tremellen said she loved the film and the afternoon tea provided, and she hoped they would have similar outings again.

Resident Leon Grzesiak said he enjoyed the movie and particularly liked where it was set.

All the residents said what made the afternoon so much fun was that it was a packed hall, which gave the room a great fun atmosphere.

Moyola also celebrated the Men’s Group last week.

Moyola is very lucky to have Noel and Laurie who volunteer.

They enjoy a laugh and morning tea with the Men’s Group and are always happy to have a chat.

Noel Daniel

How long have you been a volunteer at Moyola? 17 years, it’s been a good journey.

Role: In 2001, I began reading newspapers to residents, then we formed the Men’s Group soon after.

Most memorable moment: When we had 10 residents involved in the Men’s Group and we would have overnight bus trips/holidays to places like Bright and Moama.

Thanks Noel you do a fantastic job hosting the Men’s Group every Tuesday morning and reading the local newspaper on the first two Wednesdays of the month.

Laurie Merritt

How long have you been a volunteer at Moyola? 18 years.

Role: Men’s Group and playing the accordion with friend Robbie.

Most memorable moment: Taking song requests and one of the residents requested Danny Boy on the accordion. The resident cried and said, ‘‘I wish I never asked you, that was beautiful, thank you’’.

Laurie said: ‘‘I enjoy coming and I love seeing the residents happy and laughing.’’