Sewing in full swing

By Tatura Guardian

Tatura Boomerang Bags group met on Thursday with volunteers coming together to layout the pattern.

Volunteers gathered at the Tatura Community House last week to pin down the process of making a Boomerang Bag.

TCH manager Leeane Button said the group had already raised more than $900 for the project.

‘‘We are consolidating all the processes at the moment with our first goal being to make 1000 of the Boomerang Bags and then move onto 4448, one per head in Tatura,’’ Ms Button said.

The group has been working to distribute the cloth bags and produce the number of bags needed by the town.

‘‘From here we will move onto the ‘Bought to Support’ bags that will continue to fund the project,’’ Ms Button said.

■If you would like to be part of the Tatura Boomerang Bag initiative, workshops are held every first and third Thursday of the month from 9.15am or 7pm at Tatura Community House, 12-16 Casey St, Tatura.