Making car rego payment easier

By Seymour Telegraph

The Andrews Government has made paying car registration easier for 1.3million Victorians during the first year of short-term vehicle registration.

Since the Labor Government launched short-term registration on January 1, 2018, a quarter of all vehicle registrations have been processed using the flexible three-month and six-month registration options.

Out of the 80 municipalities across Victoria, Mitchell Shire ranked 36 with 11171 short-term registration users.

‘‘The first year of short-term registration has been a huge success, helping more than a million Victorians spread the cost of car rego over the year,’’ acting Premier Tim Pallas said.

‘‘Having to find more than $800 once a year puts a lot of people under financial pressure.

‘‘By introducing shorter-term payments, we’ve given people a chance to factor more manageable payments into their family budgets.’’

Three-month registration was the more popular choice, with 770743 registrations, compared to 542693 for six months.

More men opted for shorter registration periods, with the total take-up of three-month and six-month registration sitting at 54 per cent males and 46 per cent females.

Overall, short-term registration proved most popular with the 26-35-year-old age group.

Short-term registration allows people to pay less upfront and spread the cost of registration renewal across the year to better suit the family budget. An average three-month registration costs $200.20 while an average six-month registration costs $400.40, compared to an average annual fee of $800.80.

Customers taking up short-term registration can return to 12-month payments any time their next registration is due, allowing them to move the financial burden to a quieter time of the year.

‘‘With shorter registration periods and the online services provided through myVicRoads, we are helping make life easier for Victorians,’’ VicRoads chief executive Michael Malouf said.