As we head for home, how’s your team look?

By Campaspe News


Record: 8-3

Ladder position: 4th

Best win:R4, Colbo 14.13 (97) def. Leitchville-Gunbower 10.13 (73)

What better way is there to announce that you’re a contender for the 2018 season than knocking off the reigning premiers early in the season.

Well, Colbo did exactly that.

A 24-point win over the mighty Bombers was a solid message to the competition — we are a threat.

Review: It must be a pretty damn good time to be involved with this club.

The netballers once again look unstoppable this season and the footballers are playing some ripping games.

The footballers have two big games against Huntly and LBU on the run home, but it’s a lock they will play finals from here.

And we wouldn’t rule out a top three or even top two spot.

Grade: A-

Lockington-Bamawm United


Ladder position: 5th

Best win: R11, LBU 15.12 (102) def Huntly 10.13 (73)

Huntly was atop the HDFL ladder when LBU came knocking on their door and defeated them in front of their own fans.

The win meant LBU had breathing space over Mt Pleasant in sixth, and saw Huntly fall from grace — from first to fourth.

Since then LBU hasn’t looked like dropping out of the top five, and with the return of some key players, we’re excited to see what the final rounds bring for the Cats.

Review: The Cats have so far had an outstanding year, using the tools they have at their disposal and getting the best out of them.

There are great tests ahead for LBU, but they are content with where they are on the ladder, and big teams should be wary of the fight and skill the Cats possess.

Grade: B+Rochester

Record: 5-7

Ladder position: 8th

Best win: R3, Rochester 14.13 (97) def. Mansfield 7.7 (49)

This win put the Tigers at 2-1 early in the season.

But it became a more important win as the season went on.

Rochy and Mansfield sit in relatively similar spots on the ladder now, and are really fighting for the same spot.

So, to get a win against a team in the same position in the competition means even more as the season goes along.

Review: What could have been.

The Tigers are a pretty good side. They have some talent and can play good football on their day.

This just doesn’t look like it will be their year.

The group in the middle of the ladder are all of a relatively similar quality and the Tigers have struggled to take their opportunities.

Barring some extraordinary results, it looks like Rochester will miss finals for the first time since 2010.

Grade: B-