Wake up, and buy little Susie

By Campaspe News

SUSIE is a lovable young lass, but could she be the lady for you?

She is a one-year-old, desexed, Irish Wolfhound/Kelpie mix who can be shy yet energetic all at the same time.

She can sometimes shy away from strangers, but with some tender loving care and encouragement she will soon make friends and her true sweet nature will shine through.

Susie has had minimal training and would greatly benefit from obedience training.

Apart from learning her doggy manners, this will also help her bond with her new family and keep her out of trouble.

She will require a home with a large backyard and at least six-foot secure fences so she is able to be kept safe and secure.

As she is a working breed, it would be best for Susie to be taken on daily walks/runs and have lots to do. This will ensure she is entertained and help prevent her from becoming bored and destructive.

Due to her size, it would be wise for her to be supervised around small children as she may accidently knock them over when excited.

If you would like to meet Susie or any of the other dogs available, head to or call 5480 3005.

Her adoption fee is $355.