Hard-working volunteer recognised for service

By Cobram Courier

Volunteers are vital to any community and one of Cobram’s own was recently recognised for 60 years of service.

Adrian Doyle joined the CFA at 16 and spent the past six decades keeping the region safe.

Mr Doyle started as a junior reserve fireman and went on to hold a number of positions, including station captain for about a decade from 1972, all while working at his family butcher shop.

In the past 10 years, Mr Doyle has continued to give back in a non-active roles as a part of the fire equipment maintenance team.

‘‘Being someone in your own town means a lot,’’ Mr Doyle said.

‘‘Looking after the community and knowing all of the town is really something.

‘‘It’s the greatest experience a young person can have.’’

Mr Doyle has seen plenty of changes during the years, though, he said the one constant was the bond shared with other volunteers.

‘‘I have seen three stations, from the old wooden station to the current one — it is the Taj Mahal as far as we are concerned,’’ he said.

‘‘The fellowship and the lifelong friendships formed with people right across Victoria is one of the most important things.’’

Mr Doyle, whose three brothers and two sons also spent time in the CFA, admitted it could be difficult for young people today to find the time to volunteer, but was adamant it was a worthwhile experience.

‘‘Being a part of the CFA is number one for me, always has been and always will be,’’ he said.

‘‘We are going through a period of signing new members up.

‘‘Young people find it hard to leave their jobs, but five minutes can be as good as 50 hours.

‘‘There is so much to do, you won’t walk in and stand around.’’