Projects need your vote

By McIvor Times

PICK My Project is a community grants initiative with $30 million available to fund local projects.

Thank you to all those who have already voted for local projects in the Pick My Project initiative, and to those who haven’t please do, your votes are very important.

Our local projects include:

■Pushing the Boundaries, which is about creating innovative play spaces for intergenerational interactions by providing an environment for social interaction and engagement between young and old.

Through purposely designed and built playground spaces, the elderly have the opportunity to join in the play or simply take advantage of the shady informal and formal structures and seating areas around the playgrounds where they can just sit, relax and enjoy the children playing.

■Scoot the Story Train (a decorated mobility scooter) will go up and down High St, stopping at various locations and visiting our kindergarten and schools, reading stories and giving away free books.

Scoot is about helping our children with their literacy and language development in a fun and supported way.

■Mia Mia Hall is a meeting space for events including Australia Day breakfasts, flower shows, music events, opera recitals, choir performances, art shows, community meetings, birthdays and weddings, however the Hall’s exterior is in desperate need of repair.

There has been a change to voting so that everyone, regardless of their technology can now vote. The initial voting rules meant that people could not vote unless they had their own email address and mobile phone. Now it is possible to phone and get voting assistance.

If you have a mobile phone and an email address then it is still quicker to vote online. If not, the number to call is 1800797818. You will most likely get an automated response with a ‘‘we’ll call you back within a day or so’’. The good news is that they really do call back.

For those who would prefer to vote online the website for voting is

To vote, firstly you need to register by providing your name, the street where you live and provide a mobile phone number. Once you have confirmation you are registered you then need to drop your pin on High St, Heathcote and our three projects will be the first three to pop up; Pushing the Boundaries, Scoot the Story Train and the Mia Mia Hall projects.

We encourage you to tell as many people as possible to support our important community owned and led projects.