Livestock featured

By Southern Riverina News

The Finley Show places great emphasis on the elements of a true country show, and that means it’s always scattered with animals.

Traditional judging categories like sheep, beef cattle and dairy cattle are institutions at the Finely Show.

Organisers also aim to cater for those with other pets too, with a special section for guinea pigs.

The Southern Riverina is also well populated with breeders of poultry, other fowl and birds, who get the chance to showcase their prized birds at the Finley Show each year.

Following are the results from each of the livestock and animal sections.

Beef Cattle: Supreme Exhibit of Show - Graeme Cook.

Champion Junior Female - Graeme Cook. Reserve Champion Junior Female - Stephan & Susan Nicholas.

Champion Senior Female - Cliff & Maree Downey. Reserve Champion Senior Female - Finley High School.

Grand Champion Female - Graeme Cook.

Champion Junior Male - Finley High School; Reserve Champion Junior Male - Cliff & Maree Downey.

Champion Senior Male - Iseco Magistrate M8. Reserve Champion Senior Male - Korella Light.

Grand Champion Male - Iseco Magistrate M8.

Best Pair Females - Graeme Cook.

Best Pair Males - Tom Isedale.

Best Group, three beasts - Cliff & Maree Downey.

Champion Led Steer - Hamish Maclure.

School Beef Competition: Vealer/Yearling, 300kg-385kg - Finley High School. Vealer/Yearling, 386kg-450kg - Finley High School. Young Cattle, 451kg-500kg - Keajura. Export Steer, 501kg & Over - Keajura. Champion - Keajura.

Finley Lions Club Junior Handler Competition: 12 Years & Under - Dakota Pyle (FHS), 1; Stella Mason (FHS), 2; Mitchell Doohan (FHS), 3. 13 Years & Under - Mackenzie Iddles (St Mary’s Nathalia), 1; Noah Iddles (St Mary’s Nathalia), 2; Edward Maclure (Tarcutta), 3. 14 Years & Under - Ben Chesworth (FHS), 1; Bridie Chester (St Mary’s Nathalia), 2; Alanna Steel (FHS), 3. 15 Years & Under - Niamh Mason (FHS), 1; Maddie Telford (Barham High School), 2; Emily Bright (St Mary’s Nathalia), 3. 16 Years & Under - Hayley Doohan (FHS), 1; Tyson Morris (FHS), 2; Kimberley Montgomery (FHS), 3.

Hutcheon & Pearce Beef Cattle Junior Judging Competition: Rules & Procedures, 14 Years & Under - Noah Iddles, 1; Mackenzie Iddles, 2; Hayley Palmer, 3. 15 Years & Over - Niamh Mason, 1; Hamish Morris, 2; Shiane Mason, 3.

Woolamai Pastoral Co. Best Presented Team - St Mary’s Nathalia.

Dairy Cattle: Supreme All Breeds Junior Champion - B & J Gavenlock.

Supreme All Breeds Intermediate Champion - J Falls & M Flemming.

Supreme All Breeds Senior Champion - Clarke.

Supreme All Breeds Best Udder - Railton.

Jersey: Champion Junior Heifer - S & H Menzies; Reserve Champion Junior Heifer - Brunchilli Farming Trust.

Champion Intermediate Cow - J Falls & M Flemming; Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow - Philmar Dairy Company.

Champion Senior Cow - Philmar Diary Company; Reserve Champion Senior Cow - J McPhee.

Best Udder, any age - Philmar Dairy Company.

Holstein: Champion Junior Heifer - B & J Gavenlock; Reserve Champion Junior Heifer - White Family.

Champion Intermediate Cow - White Family; Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow - White Family.

Champion Senior Cow - Clarke; Reserve Champion Senior Cow - Sanchez.

Best Udder, any age - Railton.

Sheep: Supreme Sheep of Show - Closeup. Champion Ram, Closeup Trophy - Closeup. Reserve Champion Ram, Closeup Trophy - Closeup. Champion Ewe, Tillara Park Trophy - Closeup. Reserve Champion Ewe, Tillara Park Trophy - Finley High School. Champion Interbreed Ewe - Closeup. Reserve Champion Interbreed Ewe - Closeup. Champion Interbreed Ram - Closeup. Reserve Champion Interbreed Ram - Mitch A’Vard. Best Lamb Exhibit, Woodville Trophy - Finley High School. Jeff Close Memorial, Pen of 3 Poll Dorset Flock Rams - D Carmichael.

Junior Handlers Competition – 13 Years & Under, Meg Brooks, 1; Justin Lawton, 2; Oliver Knight, 3.

Fleeces: Most Outstanding Fleece - J Jamieson. Best Ram Fleece - J Jamieson. Top Merino Fleece - J Jamieson. Top Crossbreed Fleece - A Watkins. Top Lamb Fleece - B Atkinson.

Poultry: Champion Bird in Show - N Fenaughty. Reserve Champion Bird in Show - J Sibraa. Most Successful Exhibitor - A Creek. Best Waterfowl - G Vonarx. Best Standard Bird - N Fenaughty. Best Bantam - J Sibraa. Best Bird Junior Section - H Reed. Reserve Bird Junior Section - J Beverley. Heavy Male - M Beamish. Heavy Female - N Fenaughty. Light Standard Male - A Creek. Light Standard Female - N Fenaughty. Softfeather Bantam Male - N Fenaughty. Softfeather Bantam Female - M Beamish. Hardfeather Bantam Male - J Sibraa. Hardfeather Bantam Female - J Sibraa.

Guinea Pigs: Best Presented - ‘Rising Star Bons’, Georgia Webb, 1; ‘Rising Star Paris’, Georgia Webb, 2. Fastest Eater - ‘Dinkles’, Adelayde Bickerton, 1; ‘Milo D. Guiseppe’, Adelayde Bickerton, 2. Craziest Hair - ‘Dinkles’, Adelayde Bickerton, 1; ‘Cutesy’, Hailey McLean, 2. Fancy Dress - ‘Rising Star Paris’, Georgia Webb, 1; ‘Cutesy’, Hailey McLean, & ‘Rising Star Bons’, Georgia Webb, equal 2.