Levee crumbling away

June 13, 2018

Worrying: one of the holes in the levee bank north of Sims Rd.

Cobram resident Ron Renfrew feels he has been fighting a losing battle with Moira Shire Council for more than three years.

Mr Renfrew has been stringently writing to the shire about the state of the levee bank north of Sims Rd, desperately keen to see a long-term resolution instead of what he describes as ‘‘Band-aid’’ solutions.

The main reason for his animosity is the theory that if the levee gives way in a flood, his Davey St property will be directly in the firing line.

Mr Renfrew first noticed the cracks and holes in the levee bank about five years ago and was staggered they remained.

‘‘I have been told the shire is going to put some gravel on top of the levee bank, but what it really needs is a compactor to go along and cave in the tunnels before the gravel is laid,’’ Mr Renfrew said.

‘‘Until it is properly compacted, the cracks will just keep widening.’’

Mr Renfrew’s biggest concern is that, in its current condition, the levee would be ill-equipped to handle a flood.

‘‘Once they get a crack in them, water gets in and creates tunnels under the surface. They get bigger and bigger and eventually it just lets go,’’ he said.

‘‘In my opinion they have wasted tax payers’ money. They should have ripped it up and started again.

‘‘To me it just seems like they are trying to do it the cheapest way possible.’’

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