Bulldogs fire in the heat

April 27, 2018

Strathmerton came out firing and finished the same way.


Strathmerton d Picola United 53-30

Strathmerton came out firing and finished the same way.

With a few out, the Bulldogs called in the reliable troops and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

It was a fantastic defenders game from Caitlyn and Georgia, who never gave an inch and created numerous turnovers.

The mid-court worked tirelessly bringing the ball down the court and the goalers didn’t disappoint.

It was a great team win.

Awards: Caitlyn Price (Subway) and Amy Carter (Supreme Meats)


Strathmerton d Picola United 39-31

Strathmerton secured a fantastic come-from-behind win. Picola was able to get the jump on it early and was on top for the first half of the game, but after a couple of changes at half-time the Bulldogs were able to move the ball down the court a lot more efficiently and settle in to playing their own game.

There was great defensive pressure all the way down the court and lots of movement in the attack end which set up a great team win.

Awards: Amy Martin (Railway Hotel), Ash Palmer (KAFs Fruit Supply) and Kaz Duckworth (Keep Active Osteo).


Strathmerton d Picola United 33-31

Everyone gave 100 per cent on a hot day.

It was a close game throughout, but Strathmerton managed to get the win.

It was great to see things worked on at training pay off on the court.

Big thanks to Emma for helping us out.

Awards: Naomi Payne (Stay Active Physio), Brooke Mackenzie (Subway) and Lisa Bramich (Supreme Meats).


Strathmerton d Picola United 25-8

Strathmerton’s C-reserve side won its first game of the season by 17 goals.

It was great defending by Kez and Liv, who put strong pressure on Picola’s shooters to ensure they were scoreless in the final half.

Awards: Grace Muckenthaler (Subway), Amy Duhring (KAFS Fruit Supply) and Sienna Bate (Keep Active Osteo).


Strathmerton d Picola United 51-44

It was a strong start to a good four quarters. The girls backed each other and mostly utilised great space.

A few adjustments saw the centre open up and clear for more drive.

The girls came through with a good win over a strong Picola side.

Awards: Alyssa Crestani (Strathy Cafe) and Macey Congram (Subway).


Picola United d Strathmerton 37-4

The Bulldogs pushed through the warm temperatures and tried their hardest to turn up the heat on their opposition.

With determination and grit the girls put on a great performance but unfortunately the game went the other way.

Awards: Bridie Chester (Strathy Café), Mackenzie Stephens (Strathy Café) and Tessa Koopman (Cobram Redgum Photos and Computers).


Strathmerton d Picola United 18-10

Strathmerton’s youngest side gave 100 per cent in the heat.

Everything the girls worked on at training showed on the court.

Well done, girls. Keep up the hard work.

Awards: Caitlyn Brooks (Wingates), Sierra Tejones & Indy Ashcroft (Strathy Café).

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