Phones can be deadly in cars

April 25, 2018

Dangerous: Using your phone whilst driving can be a fatal practice.

Operation Nexus was in full swing during the Easter weekend, with one of its major focuses targeting drivers using mobile phones.

The TAC website details why driving while using a mobile phone is hazardous.

One reason is it is visual distraction. The TAC claims taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds when driving at 50km/h means you travel for 27m effectively blind. A lot can go wrong in 27m.

Senior Sergeant Darren McGrillen from Cobram police said the problem was ‘‘prevalent in the local area’’.

‘‘The offence of use of mobile phone whilst driving carries the penalty of $476 and four demerits. However, the consequences for use can be far greater than the cost to the offending driver,’’ Sen Sgt McGrillen said.

‘‘Losses in the local community drive home the message of the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving.’’

Sen Sgt McGrillen said in a small community such as Cobram, the impact of fatalities by car was felt tenfold.

‘‘There have been many lives impacted as a result of fatalities and serious injuries in collisions contributed to by the use of mobile phones,’’ he said.

‘‘The impact of road-related tragedies in small communities is significant.’’

He said people needed to be reminded that consequences went far beyond simply getting caught and incurring a loss of money.

‘‘It is not about getting caught, it is about the consequences of not getting caught,’’ he said.

‘‘We want to see drivers travelling on our roads reach their destination safely and ask people to stop and think about the consequences and the impact of their actions on other road users.’’

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