Minty’s modelling a career

March 07, 2018

Endless opportunities: 14-year-old Tocumwal girl Araminta Mason has recently visited America to begin her modelling career.

A four-day whirlwind trip to Dallas, Texas, has opened up Araminta ‘‘Minty’’ Mason’s eyes to the competitive world of international modelling.

Through one of her mother’s friends who lives in Sydney and has contacts in the modelling industry, Minty, 14, managed to impress an agent in the US so much that she was offered the chance to fly over after they received a photo of her.

The Tocumwal teenager has every reason to believe she can take her talents to the stratosphere and beyond if she is willing to work hard and hone her skills.

For the inexperienced Minty, the trip was a steep learning curve but a prosperous one that allowed her to mingle with experienced models and absorb their advice.

‘‘I watched a couple of other models pretty closely and they told me about how they got into it and their experiences in the industry,’’ Minty said.

‘‘It was amazing. I learnt a heap.’’

Modelling is something Minty has always wanted to explore.

She said from the brief work she has done so far, she enjoyed fashion modelling the most.

Minty said the general perception of modelling was far removed from the truth.

‘‘The hardest facet of it by far is conveying your emotions through facial expressions and through your eyes. It is a real art form,’’ she said.

Minty’s mother Samantha said the thing that surprised her most about watching the industry was the effort that went into a photo shoot.

‘‘We didn’t realise just how many people are involved in getting that shot, from the make-up artist, the stylist, the agent, the dresser. It was quite interesting to see how it all works behind the scenes,’’ Mrs Mason said.

After catching the eye of a few agents during her brief visit, Minty has offers on the table to model in Hong Kong, Japan or potentially head back to the US for its summer.

Choosing an agent will be the next task, which will be made easier by the fact Mrs Mason is a lawyer.

She has already been in touch with lawyers who specialise in the entertainment industry.

Minty said she had been advised by more experienced models to choose someone who felt like family because of the amount of time that could be spent on the road.

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