From the farm to the runway

February 13, 2018

Indyanna-Rose Ciccone, from Yarroweyah, has been selected as a finalist for the Australian International Pageant in Sydney next week.

The unpredictable nature of life, with its swings and roundabouts and twists and turns, means we can never truly prophesise the future.
For example, Just ask Indyanna-Rose Ciccone.
If you were to ask the Yarroweyah teenager’s younger self what she would prefer to be doing in her early teenage years, the last thing she would have said was entering beauty pageants. 
Indyanna-Rose, 13, said she was always more of an outdoors person until a controversial American TV series sparked her interest in the competitive world of beauty pageants.
‘‘This is going to sound really bad, but probably Toddlers and Tiaras got me into it,’’ she said.
‘‘I’ve watched that show since I was really little and thought I didn’t want to be like those people because I was always one of those girls that would rather go fishing than dress up, but now not so much,” she said.’’
Indyanna-Rose is the youngest finalist chosen for the Australian International Pageant in the Miss Teen section. The pageant will start in Sydney on Monday.
Although she is ‘‘a little scared’’ about the prospect of being the youngest contestant at the pageant, she still has considerable experience for someone so young to fall back on.
She has been modelling since the age of seven and competed in her first pageant in November last year and has been modelling since the age of seven.
Australian International Pageant director Ferial Youakim adjudicates under the proviso ‘‘we are looking for role models, not top models’’.
Indyanna-Rose has certainly embraced this philosophy, with more depth to her personality than simply good looks.
She has raised more than $1500 for the charity Aussie Helpers, which helps battling farmers in rural areas affected by different types of hardship, whether it be mental or financial.
It was an easy choice for Indyanna-Rose, as her grandmother Lyndy Morris works for Aussie Helpers.
Indyanna-Rose recently held a fundraiser at Cobram Middle Pub and single-handedly raised $600.
After growing up on a dairy farm - which is now a hobby farm, the determined teenager is all too familiar with the ups and downs that come with the industry.
She is intent on using her pageant exposure as a platform to raise the profile of struggling farmers and the issues they commonly face.
If she wins her section at the pageant, Indyanna-Rose will travel to the US to compete on an international level – a huge achievement for the country girl who never used to like dressing up much.

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