Booking taxis now made easier

January 24, 2018

Looking to the future: Hans Zonneveldt and son Adrian with one of their taxis.

Cobram-Barooga Taxis is moving towards the future as the business implements changes to its call-out system.

While calls were previously directly received by the cab drivers on duty, they will now be redirected to an automated call centre.

Business owner Susie Zonneveldt said they had been looking at changing the system for almost 10 years and it now felt like the right time to do so.

‘‘The rise of Uber has definitely brought on this change. It is simply about keeping up with the times,’’ Ms Zonneveldt said.

She said not only would the new system hopefully make it easier for patrons trying to book a cab, but also for the drivers.

‘‘Jobs will now be dispatched in a fairer way. Often the poor driver would be on the phone trying to find someone’s location in a noisy cab. Now they won’t have to worry about that problem, thankfully,’’ she said.

Ms Zonneveldt said the business would also be launching a new app called Smart Hail, which would allow customers to book online. She said their number would then be saved on the system and they would receive a text message when their vehicle arrived.

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