Holly’s happy ending

October 04, 2017

Holly the dog and her new owner Jill Sheedy.

After seeing Holly in the Cobram Courier, Jill Sheedy decided it was time for a new pet.

Holly was a stray rescue dog who stole Ms Sheedy’s heart the moment she set eyes on her.

A fan of Maltese shih tzu dogs, Ms Sheedy decided to adopt the dog.

When she found out that no-one had inquired about Holly, Ms Sheedy knew she could give Holly a good home.

‘‘I had a Maltese shih tzu but she went blind, and living in a house with brick walls, she kept banging into everything,’’ she said.

‘‘Holly was advertised in the Courier as a shih tzu, but she’s actually a griffon terrier.

‘‘She has separation anxiety which means she has a hard time being alone, every time I leave she’s waiting at the door for me when I get back home.’’

One time Holly had decided enough was enough and dug under a fence in search of Ms Sheedy, who at the time was playing golf with friends.

Just over a year on from her adoption, Holly is still just as mischievous as ever.

‘‘She’s got a great personality and she rarely barks, but she rips apart every soft toy I get her,’’ Ms Sheedy said.

‘‘Now I only buy the hard ones so that she can’t get through them.’’

 - Lachlan Durling

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