Aggressive magpie warning

September 28, 2017

Magpies will swoop to protect their young.

Magpie season is well and truly upon us.

And those pesky ’pies are wreaking havoc in one particular corner of Cobram.

A ‘‘very aggressive’’ magpie is swooping every head in its sight in Broadway St.

And Cobram locals are warning you to stay away.

PALS chief executive Julie Brooks said the magpie was swooping everyone in its sight.

‘‘Including customers of PALS Cobram Opportunity Shop and clients of Peter Edgar Insurance,’’ she said.

‘‘It actually pecked one of the clients twice on the head last week.

‘‘It is so aggressive it swoops staff who are standing under the eve at the op shop when standing outside the shop.

‘‘It must be playing havoc with other customers on that strip including Cafe on Broadway.’’

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