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September 15, 2017

National Literacy and Numeracy Week was celebrated at Cobram Anglican Grammar recently.

National Literacy and Numeracy Week was celebrated at Cobram Anglican Grammar to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy at school and beyond.

Head of Junior School Mary Swoffer spent time with each of the seven Prep to Year 4 classes, exploring the themes of literacy and numeracy, and while the students may not have realised the lessons behind the fun and games, the message was clear.

‘‘A strong foundation in literacy and numeracy is vital for every child and young person, and underpins their ability to reach their full potential,’’ Mrs Swoffer said.

‘‘Students explored word stairs where they began with the word ‘bat’. They then changed only one letter in the word to make a new word: ‘sat’.

‘‘Writing their new word on the next stair going up, they kept changing one letter and writing a new word until they reached the top stair.

‘‘This challenging yet fun play with words quickly became so popular many students returned to the library at lunchtime to create their own.’’

The Year 3/4 classes explored a word play where they imagined they lived in a world with only 20 words.

They could use these 20 words as much as they wanted, but they could not use any other words at all.

Then they created a paragraph using only their 20 words. The paragraph needed to be at least five sentences and they couldn’t repeat the same sentences.

‘‘With many students using words such as ‘like’, ‘football’, ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’, etc they soon realised those all-important joining words and then attempted to add descriptive words to their limited vocabulary,’’ Mrs Swoffer said.

‘‘Our numeracy task involved students broadly discussing the goal, collecting data, accurately recording findings and then graphing the information in a clear and logic manner.

‘‘The task was to create a class graph on the number of letters in each students’ name.

‘‘Students initially broke off into boys’ and girls’ teams but quickly realised they needed to work together as a class to reach their goal.

‘‘The results were then discussed and students evaluated how well they achieved their goal and how they could improve on the task next time.’’

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