Name change in wind

July 12, 2017

Harry Angus is not impressed with demands he cease to use the cafe's name because of a conflict with another business interstate.

The owner of a Cobram cafe is disappointed he is being forced to change the name of his business or face legal action.

Harry Angus opened Angus and Co cafe in High St a few months ago, but recently received a letter from solicitors in South Australia saying he is not able to use the name he has been trading under.

According to the letter, the name is owned by Angus & Co, a bar and grill in Adelaide.

‘‘I was a little bit disheartened, because we’ve just branded, we’ve just recently opened under that name,’’ Mr Angus said.

‘‘It’s going very well and we are happy with that branding. But if I don’t rebrand, I’m going to get into a lot of trouble.

‘‘It’s going to be a financial burden and also a burden on the business.

‘‘It’s hard because we registered the business, we did everything legally, but now they tell us the name is copyrighted in Adelaide.

‘‘It’s hard being a small business, getting your brand out there, especially in a town that’s not very big, and now to have we have to rebrand again.’’

Mr Angus said the Adelaide company did not have to take legal action.

‘‘We’re not taking away from their business, but they are doing this because they can,’’ he said.

‘‘They gave us a few weeks to change the name. We can’t post anything on social media any more, and I’ve got my name all over the place.

‘‘I just want to get it out there that we are changing names —I don’t want people to think we’ve changed hands or closed — and a new name is in the works.’’

Mr Angus has been in Cobram for eight years and served his apprenticeship under Paul Gemmill at the Beach Cafe.

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