Racer Ned hits little big time

July 12, 2017

Mowing down the competition: Lawn mower racer Ned Elliot is one of the young kids appearing on upcoming TV series Little Big Shots.

Famous: Barooga's Ned Elliot on the couch with host and Kenny star Shane Jacobson.

If there seems to be a familiar face and bright green lawnmower on your television at the moment, you’re not seeing things.

Barooga lawn mower racer Ned Elliot will soon be starring in the upcoming television series Little Big Shots and is already appearing on the promotional pieces for the show.

Ned, 10, can be seen doing doughnuts on the lawnmower on a studio stage for the show, filmed at Warner Bros studios in Sydney.

He said he was a little nervous going into the interviews for potential selection to be on the show, but soon settled in.

He had three weeks to prepare for filming, which happened in June.

It was a boys’ weekend, with Ned’s dad Stuart accompanying him and also speaking to producers about lawn mower racing in Australia and Stuart’s background with the sport.

It was unlike anything Ned had ever experienced before.

‘‘They had microphones and earpieces and smoke machines and lights,’’ he said.

‘‘They even put make-up on us.

‘‘It was a really cool experience.

‘‘We were the last ones to go on and I did doughnuts outside under the lighting towers.

‘‘I rode off the stage and outside to do them.’’

Little Big Shots features young Australian kids doing amazing things and some have unbelievable talents.

‘‘When we were there filming, there was a girl who was a gymnast and she was doing lots of flips and backflips. She can do 50 in a row,’’ Ned said.

‘‘There was also a ballerina and a guy who played music.

‘‘There was one kid doing the Rubik’s cube in each hand and one with his feet, all at the same time, and he got them all done.’’

As well as performing lawn mower racing stunts, Ned also joined show host Shane Jacobson for a chat on the couch.

‘‘We talked about girls, things I do at home for fun, and he asked me if I had a girlfriend,’’ Ned said.

In tribute to Jacobson’s former role on hit film Kenny, there was also some toilet humor shared among the boys.

Ned said Jacobson was really good at making you feel comfortable about being on the show.

‘‘He talked to me about farting,’’ he said.

‘‘He was really funny.’’

Ned also learnt about the patience it takes to create a television show.

‘‘It took us about 40 minutes just to do one bit,’’ he said.

‘‘It made me think how long it would take to do a movie that goes for two hours.’’

With the show set to appear on Channel Seven from next week, people are already recognising the youngster and asking about his appearance.

However, he’s still not sure how he feels about his newfound fame or how it’s going to play out once the show airs.

‘‘People at school have said ‘I saw you on TV’, or ‘I see you on TV all the time’,’’ Ned said.

●Little Big Shots begins on Sunday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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