Recycling rates rise

July 06, 2017

Out with the old: The older bin opening.

Helpful bin: A new opening on a bin outside the Cobram Post Office has seen recycling rates skyrocket.

A simple change to a recycling bin outside the Cobram Post Office has increased use by 700 per cent and has prompted a larger trial.

Moira Shire Mayor Gary Cleveland said following the success, the trial of wide mouth recycling bins and site specific signage would be expanded in Cobram.

‘‘Being near the post office we noticed a lot of paper, like junk mail and envelopes, in the general waste bin even though a recycling bin was beside the general waste bin,’’ Cr Cleveland said.

‘‘Our waste team developed a wide mouth bin which is more suitable for recyclables and added a sign. The results were amazing — there was a massive increase in the amount of recycling collected.

‘‘It is nearly impossible to separate waste once it’s in the general waste bin, so helping the community to use the right bin is important for everyone, especially our ratepayers.’’

In the three months before the change, only 54kg of recycling was collected from the recycling bin.

In the three months since the bin was modified and signage installed, 367kg of recycling has been collected.

‘‘The trial has been expanded to include eight bins along Punt Rd. We will monitor the increase in recyclables collected in these bins,’’ Cr Cleveland said.

‘‘If this expanded trial proves successful, we’ll roll it out across the shire.’’

The general waste bins also had a facelift with stop signs and an arrow pointing to the recycling bin.

‘‘Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill maximises the life of our current landfill and helps contain our landfill levies. It makes environmental and financial sense,’’ Cr Cleveland said.

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