Story brought to life with art

July 06, 2017

Arty creation: Student Shiloh Kennedy.

Showcasing art: Student Ali Alkundi.

Showcase: Ethan Greatorex.

There were plenty of crafty creations on display at the Alice in Wonderland-themed Cobram Anglican Grammar Junior School Art Show.

Each class presented a passage from the story through a range of visual art pieces.

In the weeks and months leading up to the art show, students experimented with materials such as textas, oil pastels, acrylic paint and watercolour, and used some techniques to combine these mediums, including marbling paper and collage.

Families were thrilled to see well developed garden scenes inspired by Alice in Wonderland using watercolours along with carefully planned and crafted masks that represented many of the colourful characters in the storyline.

‘‘We had a colourful — perhaps not so practical — display of clay tea cups, the caucus race featuring a range of polystyrene creatures, and many versions of the caterpillar that was responsible for telling Alice that one side of the mushroom would make her taller and the other side would make her shorter,’’ Junior School head Mary Swoffer said.

‘‘Children’s faces lit up when they saw the Cheshire cat presented in a colourful pop art display and were very tempted by the ‘drink me, eat me’ art work.’’

To cap off the show in the evening, parents and art show attendees enjoyed sweets at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

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