Barooga debs shine at their ball

June 07, 2017

Gorgeous: Sarah Flett, Mathilda Noble and Tamantha Cummins.

Debutantes: (Back) Braydon Fiske, Deniz Habiboglu, Ned Hocking, Cameron Johnston, Brodey Rudd, Joshua Sim, Oliver Brewer, Jett Rothe, (middle) Lions Club of Barooga president Linda Ryder, Julie Hannan, Taylah Bignell, Olivia Bayliss, Audrey Sproules, Mathilda Noble, Tamantha Cummins, Victoria Allen, Lili Murphy, Keely Bond, debutante trainer Vicki Ackers, debutante ball co-ordinator Jean Dodd, master of ceremonies Mike Dooley (front) Berrigan Shire Mayor Matt Hannan, page boy Will Simpson, Sarah Flett, Thomas Dore, Kodi Simpson, Bailey Withers, Cody Millsteed, Billy Doyle and flower girl Isla Higgins.

All glammed up: Debutantes and thier friends enjoyed a wonderful night.

Special evening: The Bond family.

Great night: The Doyle family.

The Lions Club of Barooga held its second debutante ball for the year on April 28.

The Barooga Sports Club auditorium was a beautiful scene of purple, the theme colour, to greet the guests as they arrived.

Trainer Vicki Ackers and Barooga Sports Club staff, particularly Millie, were thanked for the table decorations.

The debutante party was led to the dance floor by flower girl Isla Higgins and page boy Will Simpson. The master of ceremonies was Mike Dooley.

Berrigan Shire Mayor Matt Hannan and Julie Hannan received the debutante party.

The party’s dance presentation was evening three-step, tangoette, cha cha cha, progressive samba, jive and a parent dance.

The dancing performed was judged by Mrs Ackers as the best she had seen.

Keely Bond, assisted by Jett Rothe, gave a heartfelt speech on behalf of the debutante party, highlighting their joy at being involved and thanking those responsible for making it happen, particularly their parents for their support.

The group has formed a bond of friendship which Keely and Jett hope will continue in the future.

Cr Hannan, Lions Club of Barooga president Linda Ryder, ball co-ordinator Jean Dodd and Mrs Ackers gave speeches praising the debutante party and thanking parents for their support.

Tamantha Cummins and Brodey Rudd had the honour of cutting the cake and Kodi Simpson and Bailey Withers presented gifts.

The music of Scott and Amanda soon had the dance floor rocking and the organisers were grateful for their support over the past 17 years.

The organisers also thanked the Barooga Sports Club and Fallons Bus Service for their support.

A new debutante ball co-ordinator will take the reins in 2018, and anyone wishing to participate should phone Tracy Ryan on 0422010927. The second ball is full and the first has three vacancies, and there is provision for more to register.

Debutantes and their partners were: Tamantha Cummins and Brodey Rudd, Mathilda Noble and Cameron Johnston, Victoria Allen and Joshua Sim, Kodi Simpson and Bailey Withers, Audrey Sproules and Ned Hocking, Lili Murphy and Oliver Brewer, Sarah Flett and Thomas Dore, Olivia Baylis and Deniz Habiboglu, Keely Bond and Jett Rothe, Cody Millsteed and Billy Doyle, and Taylah Bignell and Braydon Fiske.

—Jean Dodd.

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