This vegetable patch is growing whoppers

May 10, 2017

Oh my gourd: Sam Perri grew this one metre-plus long giant zucchini.

Giant of the garden: There are plenty of giant zucchinis in Sam Perri's vegetable garden.

What’s green and shiny-skinned, taller than a child and grows in a garden?

The giant zucchinis harvested from Cobram’s Sam and Maria Perri’s vegetable garden, that’s what.

The largest of the monster fruit specimens measures 110cm long, the largest zucchini Mr Perri said he’d ever seen.

Several more large zucchinis are also growing in the garden.

The vines, which sprawl up and over fences in the vegetable patch, also have a number of smaller vegetables growing, but Mr Perri said they probably wouldn’t grow as big as the others because the weather had turned colder.

Zucchinis have been on the menu in the Perri household for a while now, with at least two dishes a week featuring the fruit, but Mr Perri said the large ones would probably be given to the chickens for a feast.

‘‘You can fry them or bake them into a slice, but that’s a lot of slice,’’ Mrs Perri said.

Mr Perri said he’d planted the Italian zucchini species in October for the first time.

‘‘I just put chook manure on it, no fertiliser, and I just watered them,’’ he said.

The monster fruit isn’t the first Mr Perri has grown — other giant specimens include a cucumber measuring 1m long and weighing 5kg.

The Perris also grow peaches and pears.

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