Junior soccer kicks off

May 04, 2017

Cobram junior soccer kicked off its first round on the weekend.

Saturday saw the first round of the Cobram Junior Soccer Association for 2017.

With 300 children playing in 31 teams across six divisions, Apex Park was a sea of colour with the teams in their uniforms sponsored by Mulwala Water Ski Club.

The players were encouraged to perform their best by the terrific crowd and there was incredible vocal support.

The association is continuing its under-14 match and is endeavouring to ensure all interested players are able to play soccer.

This means that each week at 11.30am all under-14 players present will be split into two teams and a match will be played. Further players are still sought for this match on a weekly basis.

The development of skills is essential, and Cobram-based players will train on Monday nights at the stadium, 3.45pm for under-6 boys, 4.15pm for under-8 and under-10 girls, and 5pm for under-10 boys and under-12 mixed.


●Under-6 mixed: Chelsea 3 (Goals: Harper Watson, Donnachy Straight, Byron Dodd, Award: Harper Watson) d Manchester United 0 (Award: Mitchell Smith); Juventus 5 (Goals: Archie Paterson, Dominic Luke, Kohen Verner, Award: Archie Paterson) d AC Milan 1 (Award: Atheana Startari); Inter Milan 2 (Goals: Lachlan Pardy, Award: Caleb Crisafulli) d Barcelona 1; Manchester City 4 (Goals: Fletcher Davies, Award: Fletcher Davies) d Celtic 1 (Goal: Judd Clarke, Award: Harvey Boake).

●Under-8 mixed: Chelsea 3 (Goals: James Kelly, Beau Ferguson, Award: Riley Jones) d Manchester United 2 (Goals: Darcy Skehan, Luke O’Brien, Award: Riley Jones); Inter Milan 2 (Goals: Cameron Sneddon, Kynan Knight, Award: Xander Sullivan) drew Barcelona 2 (Goals: Elliott Loughridge, Award: Tannah Munson); Celtic 2 (Goals: Oscar Dubourg, Sam Watson) d AC Milan 0 (Award: Sam Slatterie).

●Under-10 boys: Celtic 5 (Goals: Sam Hurlston, Copper Sutton, Archie Evans, Reuben Haley, Award: James McNamara) d Manchester United 1 (Goal: Kerth Martin, Award: Declan Wood); Inter Milan 5 (Goals: Kristian Bovalina, Nicholas Tusso, Mikael Corso, Oliver Mynard, Award: Hunter Iskov) d Chelsea 0 (Award: Cooper Watson); Barcelona 5 (Goals: Logan White, Toby Wane, George Wiles, William Smith, Harry Daniel, Charlie Locke, Award: Charlie Locke) d Juventus 0 (Award Baden Riedell).

●Under-10 girls: Manchester United 3 (Goals: Lucy Bassett, Scarlett Mullavey, Award: Scarlett Mullavey) d Barcelona 0 (Award: Ruby Taylor); Chelsea 3 (Goals: Gemma Kelly, Lucy Bassett) d Juventus 1 (Goal: Helena Zito, Award: Ella Janssens).

●Under-12 mixed: Manchester City 3 (Goals: Liam Kelly, Teagan Kelly, Award: Teagan Kelly) d Chelsea 2 (Goals: Paige Duffy, Award: Sophie Martin); Barcelona 5 (Goals: Roree Wallis, Kohan Joseph, Harry Taylor, Award: Harry Taylor) d Juventus 1 (Goal: Harry Paterson, Award: Tully Kerr); Manchester United 3 (Goals: Tom Lovel, Alex Di Cioccio, Award: Ethan Pike) d Celtic 2 (Goals: Kye Everingham, Award: Riley Sutton).

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