Dad gives son the key

April 05, 2017

Passing of the keys: Hans Zonneveldt hands the keys to his son and new Cobram Taxi's operator Adrian.

After 26 years running Cobram Taxis, Hans Zonneveldt has passed the business on to his son Adrian.

Hans said he purchased Cobram Taxis in 1991 after closing his drainage business in Melbourne.

Since then it has been in the family and, with Adrian returning to the area after living in Thailand, the timing seemed right.

‘‘We are almost through the transition period now, so I can just sit back and watch Adrian do the work,’’ Hans said.

‘‘We tended to think of the business as more than just people moving.

‘‘Quite often we could be dealing with older people who might not have a lot of family around and we will be the only chance they have to talk to someone that day.

‘‘It really was rewarding work and, for us, it was a great way to meet people in the community after moving from Melbourne.’’

Adrian said several new ideas for the business were starting to take shape since he took control.

‘‘One of the ideas we are tossing around is to do a trip to Melbourne every Friday night to the football,’’ he said.

‘‘A lot of people in the area either have to stay the night in Melbourne or cannot have a drink.

‘‘We would be willing to work a per person price and drive people to and from the game so that they can relax and enjoy the night.’’

Adrian said he would like to see a version of a chamber of commerce or business owners’ association set up.

‘‘I just think it would be great for local business owners to get together once a month for a chat and talk about issues and solutions related to their business. I know I would be interested in that,’’ he said.

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