Oh my cod! Fisherman lands a whopper

March 29, 2017

What a whopper: Anthony Lorusso poses with his 120cm Murray Cod.

When Melbourne’s Anthony Lorusso anchored for a spot of fishing in Cobram while waiting for some mates to arrive, he never expected to land the catch of a lifetime.

Visiting Cobram on the March long weekend, he was fishing on the Murray River just near Thompsons Beach on Saturday morning when he reeled in a whopper Murray cod, measuring 120cm.

‘‘The biggest I’d caught so far was 73cm, and I always wanted to get one over a metre,’’ Mr Lorusso said.

‘‘I’ve been on few fishing trips and hadn’t caught anything on the last three.’’

After a quick stop in Hoppers Crossing on the Friday night to get a boat after selling his old one, Mr Larusso hit the water on Saturday morning when the fish took the bite about 7.20am.

‘‘I was using a Jackal surface lure, which floats along the water,’’ he said.

‘‘I anchored up to a really big log just around the corner from Ku de Ta and I’d cast out towards a big branch.

‘‘I was just about to reel it in to recast it and that’s when the fish took it back under the log to its hole.’’

It wasn’t until the fish landed in the boat that Mr Lorusso realised exactly how special the catch was.

‘‘I’m not sure, but I reckon it would have been about 30kg. I had a $300 net I used to get it in the boat, and it bent that out of shape, but the guy I bought it from said he’d fix it for me.

‘‘When you get a catch on the line like that, you’re shaking because it’s the catch of a lifetime.

‘‘When I landed it in the boat, its head was hitting one side of the boat and its tail hit the other.’’

After posing for a few photos and to measure the beast-sized fish, he released it into the river.

He also caught a second fish that day, measuring 40cm.

‘‘After catching the one at 120cm though, I was more than happy to go home after that.’’

He said the catch had definitely prompted envy from his friends on their arrival in Cobram and on social media after he posted a picture.

Mr Lorusso said his mate had also hooked a giant Murray cod a few weeks later on the river at Cobram measuring 130cm and he’d also seen the story from earlier in the year about the man who caught a giant Murray cod near Cobram with his bare hands.

‘‘Although I think that one was smaller, only about 110cm,’’ he said.

His advice for others looking for a monster-size cod? Just keep trying.

‘‘My friends had joked that I shouldn’t go with them any more because it had been a long time since I’d caught anything.

‘‘But if you just keep trying, you never know when you’ll get one.

‘‘You’ve just got to be there at the right time in the right place and they’ve got to be hungry.’’

A regular visitor to the region with friends, Mr Lorusso said he preferred fishing near Cobram because it was quieter and had less speedboats.

He said they were definitely planning another trip to the region in the future.

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