Warning over account scam

March 15, 2017

A local woman is warning people to be cautious after her bank account was scammed recently.

Cobram’s Pam Currie was doing her grocery shopping last month when her card was unexpectedly declined.

She then tried it at an ATM, but had no luck there either.

Ms Currie said she knew there was supposed to be money in her account, so she went into her bank and asked staff to check it.

‘‘They told me there’d been over 30 transactions in one day and they’d taken out about $900 in total,’’ she said.

She said the company that took the money out was an overseas business listed as Uber, but it was unclear if it was linked to the private vehicle transport business.

Ms Currie said when at the bank, she heard another local had also had an account scammed the same week.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said there were three ways people would try to gain personal information — through identity theft, phishing (attempts to trick a person into giving out personal information) and hacking.

The ACCC urges people to contact their bank or credit union and the authorities if they believe they’ve been scammed, change their online passwords, recover their stolen identity and alert others to the scam.

People are also urged to report scams by visiting

The ACCC provides information on how people can protect themselves and what to do if they have been scammed.

In January, Scamwatch said there were 3119 reports of attempts to gain people’s information, resulting in $120230 lost.

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