Pennat bowls comes to a close

March 02, 2017

Rolling: John Bruce sends his bowl down the green.

Shot: Cobram's Ken Shields sends his bowl down the green.

Barooga Sports

Home and away matches in pennant have finished and the club didn’t do too badly, with both Friday pennant teams making it to finals — but sadly are now out.

Division one, two and both division four Saturday pennant sides are in finals next week.

At time of writing, where the finals will be played was not known, but details will be displayed and passed around when grounds are announced.

Keith’s Friday attracted 16 bowlers who did not win the jackpot, which is now above $122.

Winners were Ray Wright and Marie O’Brien (making her comeback) with a score of +22. Runners-up were Bob Thatcher and Graeme Hickey with +10.

Best first-game winners were Geoff Brentnall and Heather Ricketts with +11, while best second-game winners were Peter Russell and John Bruce with +12.

Trade day was held at Numurkah but was Picola’s day.

Sponsored by Plumtec, the jackpot did not go off but the power play jackpot did. Doc Dougherty, Ross Smith and Kevin Saunders got the magical six shots on a power play to take the money.

The NABA award went to Roger Newnham, John Adams and Tom Waddell.

Best fourth-game winners were Laurie Vinecombe, Don Collie and Mario Violi with 16 shots up. Best third-game winners were Bruce Agnew, Steve Patching and ‘Butch’ with nine shots up. Best second-game winners were Bill Dowling, Jeff Seamer and Lou Richards also with nine shots up.

Runners-up with four wins and 60 points were Graeme Searle, Kerian Beare and Phil Perkins and winners were Ray Emerson, Vin Toohey and Ray Wright with four wins and 68 points.

Barooga Sports women

Midweek pennant has come to a sudden halt with both division one and division two being defeated in the preliminary finals.

Division one went down to Tocumwal 71-56. E. Saunders was defeated by A. Brown 17-21; J. Toohey lost to C. Townsing 16-29; C. Wigg defeated K. Beare 23-21.

Tocumwal two was too good for Barooga in division two. M. Hoog was defeated by N. Paterson 18-35; P. Escott lost to L. Anderson 17-30 and P. Nichols lost to P. Morrison 16-27.

Social bowls on Monday was won by P. Escott, F. Neale, K. Bruce and D. Nash.

Coming up is the 21-Up; names in by 3pm on Friday, March 10, to be played on Monday, March 13.

The Ladies Choice will be on Saturday, May 6 at 2pm, followed by a meal.


Cobram advances to the grand final of Murray Bowls Division Friday pennant and will play Tocumwal Golf at Finley Bowling Club on Friday (March 3) at 9.30am.

Pennant team for Friday: J. Mynard, C. Thomas, K. Baldacchino, M. McDonald (s); B. Quinane, G. Mann, B. Turner, B. Smethurst (s); C. Dunne, M. Cooper, G. Murphy, M. Carlisle (s). Manager: G. Murphy. Emergency: A. Vinecombe.

Cobram has all four Saturday pennant sides playing in the semi-finals on Saturday.

In round 18, division one defeated Tocumwal Golf by seven shots to remain in top spot and will play division one premiers Wunghnu.

Scores were 91/84: Greg Dunn lost to Chris Philpot 19/31, Gary Carter defeated Graeme Searle 18/16, Steve Tatnall drew with Bill Dowling 21/21 and Ray Parks defeated Mike Henshaw 33/14.

Division two defeated Nathalia 112/64, division three defeated Barooga Sports 93/57 and division four went down by two shots to Berrigan 47/49.

Pennant teams for Saturday:

Division one v Wunghnu: A. Vinecombe, R. Sullivan, G. Williams, G. Dunn (s); F. Dunkley, D. Quinane, M. Smith, G. Carter (s); J. Anders, G. Murphy, K. Baldacchino, S. Tatnall (s); K. Munro, A. McDonald, R. Griffiths, R. Parks (s). Manager: G. Murphy. Emergency: B. Maddox.

Division two v Katandra West: M. Reilly, G. Mynard, R. Dougherty, C. McDonald (s); J. Mynard, P. Quinane, A. Van Dam, A. Reeves (s); R. Smith, B. Walker, B. Smethurst, R. Palczak (s); G. Walker, J. Beasley, M. Crisafulli, M. McDonald (s). Manager: M. Reilly. Emergency: C. Thomas.

Division three v Jerilderie: N. Ingram, Barb Turner, J. Taylor, P. O’Dwyer (s); D. Collie, K. Shields, B. Murphy, A. Temple (s); G. Bowen, M. Carlisle, P. McKay, A. Rushby (s). Manager: P. O’Dwyer. Emergency: K. Faulkner.

Division four v Barooga Sports: C. Ward, N. Walsh, G. Mann, J. Burkitt (s); F. Wallace, M. Violi, C. Struthers, J. Crump (s). Manager: J. Burkitt. Emergency: Annette Temple.

Ladies Singles Champion Kerry Baldacchino competed in the finals of the Central Goulburn Murray Champion of Champions Singles at Wunghnu Bowls Club last Sunday but in a close finish, was defeated by Stanhope’s Jenny Crilly in the semi-final.

Murray Bowls


Numurkah Golf 98-13 d Finley 86-5

B. Stanger 30 d D. Cordell 11, M. Hanna 22 lt R. Brown 28, B. Cosgrove 22 lt S. Lunn 23, B. Agnew 24 drew A. West 24.

Wunghnu 115-16 d

Barooga Sports 77-2

T. Hosie 37 d P. Russell 10, G. Downie 30 d P. Ware 20, D. Mullane 22 lt H. Smith 26, A. Henderson 26 d R. Emerson 21.

Strathmerton 61-2 lt

Numurkah 114-16

W. McGregor 9 lt S. Seiter 36, P. Young 9 lt B. Smith 46, G. Ryan 17 lt D. Staggard 18, k. Dunn 26 d T. Brennan 14.

Tocumwal Golf 84-3 lt Cobram 91-15

B. Dowling 21 drew S. Tatnall 21, C. Philpot 33 d G. Dunn 19, W. Searle 16 lt G. Carter 18, M. Henshaw 14 lt R. Parks 33.


Katandra West 130-16 d

Numurkah Golf 69-2

M. Hannaford 0 lt D. Hester 26, I. Stephens 30 d I. Hocking 14, R. Glover 33 d L. Browning 11, K. Minogue 47 d A. Matthies 18.

Numurkah 98-14 d Finley 95-4

R. Henderson 21 lt N. Smith 23, H. Henderson 24 lt G. Haines 18, A. Clark 27 d G. Close 16.

Nathalia 64-0 lt Cobram 112-18

B. Hutchins 19 lt R. Palczak 28, I. Bolton 15 lt C. McDonald 29, W. Stanger 17 lt M. McDonald 26, K. Holland 13 lt C. Thomas 29.

Picola 80-2 lt Barooga Sports 99-16

K. Berger 16 lt A. Bennett 27, A. Morgan 19 lt C. Campbell 27, T. Cobbledick 22 drew G. Cullen 22, T. Smith 23 drew R. Nye 23.


Berrigan 72-14 lt Tocumwal Golf 54-2

R. Bradbury 26 d L. Deering 12, M. Rooney 29 d L. Farrar 12, M. Bush 17 lt E. Anderson 30.

Cobram 93-14 d Barooga Sports 57-2

P. O’Dwyer 36 d J. Toohey 15, A. Temple 34 d R. Bamford 18, A. Rushby 23 lt C. Wigg 24.

Finley RSC 86-16 d Finley 55-0

I. White 31 d L. Walsh 18, A. Thomas 29 d A. Cowan 17, S. Malone 26 d K. Bergmans 20.

Tocumwal Golf 73-14 d

Jerilderie 67-2

C. Brown 15 lt C. Bryce 36, R. Birthisel 34 d M. Baldwin 14, K. Beare 24 d T. Chaplin 17.

Katandra West 72-2 lt

Wunghnu 75-14

M. Lawless 33 d R. Robison 23, K. Westmore 22 lt D. O’Connor 25, R. Williams 17 lt K. Hodgson 27.


Barooga Sports (4) 30-1 lt

Numurkah 40-13

G. Brown 17 drew D. Schiele 17, G. Ashcroft 13 lt H. Lowe 23.

Cobram 47-2 lt Berrigan 49-12

J. Burkitt 29 d R. Ferry 21, P. McKay 18 lt G. Clements 28.

Tocumwal Golf 36-0 lt

Barooga Sports (5) 47-14

P. Van Huizen 22 lt P. Nichols 24, P. Morrison 14 lt R. Burnett 23.


Division one: Cobram 222, Wunghnu 218, Barooga Sports 205, Numurkah Golf 181, Finley 150, Numurkah 124, Tocumwal Golf 111, Strathmerton 85.

Division two: Katandra West 252, Cobram 214, Barooga Sports 197, Nathalia 158, Numurkah Golf 156, Picola 131, Numurkah 105, Finley 101.

Division three: Tocumwal Golf 214, Berrigan 185, Cobram 185, Jerilderie 166, Wunghnu 153, Finley 139, Barooga Sports 133, Tocumwal Golf 125, Katandra West 85, Finley 65.

Division four: Numurkah 185, Barooga Sports (4) 164, Barooga Sports (5) 134, Cobram 125, Strathmerton 124, Tocumwal Golf 122, Berrigan 107, Cobram 47.

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