Council to stick close to home

March 01, 2017

Moira Shire Council has agreed to prioritise holding official meetings and gatherings within the shire boundaries.

In general business at last Wednesday evening’s ordinary meeting, Cr Ed Cox moved the motion ‘‘that council-instigated meetings and functions be held locally to maximise the economic benefit to Moira businesses and our immediate cross-border neighbours. Where there is a proposal to move outside the local district, this shall require the consent of the mayor.’’

Cr Cox said meetings should be held locally so business across the shire could see their council doing business within the shire.

‘‘But there are times where we have to move outside the shire and this is captured in this motion,’’ he said.

Cr Peter Bourke seconded the motion, saying it explained the situation well.

‘‘We need to be seen to be carrying out business,’’ he said.

‘‘We realised this facility (Cobram Civic Centre) was not available to us with work going on next door. We have acquired a number of facilities across the shire and we need to maximise them, and apart from any functions to be had with neighbouring shires or incorporating neighbouring shires where there may be the requirement of a venue outside of Moira, I think we need to have it that we have all functions rightly within the shire.’’

Cr Peter Lawless said under rate capping and other restrictions, the motion summed it up quite well.

‘‘We’re wanting to be seen by the public that we’re supporting them,’’ Cr Lawless said.

‘‘We don’t want to have costs placed upon council or ratepayers that probably are unnecessary and certainly this motion doesn’t restrict us from doing innovative things if we have to.

‘‘We have some councillors that are still running businesses and once we relocate and take a meeting out of the area, it is a really difficult thing to participate in, so I fully endorse this motion.’’

Council confirmed it always endeavoured to hold events, meetings and activities in the shire.

‘‘On occasion the facilities we require or the involvement of other organisations means we may hold events in neighbouring Victorian and NSW shires,’’ a statement read.

‘‘In developing our Council Plan we held two council workshops — one in Cobram and an extended workshop in Echuca.

‘‘The location of the second workshop was discussed with council. The combination of the facilities and the independent location allowed for a very productive session and we look forward to bringing the draft document to the community for feedback in coming months.

‘‘The council resolution from Wednesday night reconfirms our existing commitment for activities to happen in our Shire as first preference.’’

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