Monthly Medal time at the Cobram Barooga Golf Club

February 24, 2017


Sixty-one veterans took to the Old course on Tuesday, February 14 for a stableford event.

Jeff Lancaster (18 handicap) was the winner in A-grade, racking up 37 points, two ahead of runner-up Gary Hunt (2) on 35 points on a countback.

In B-grade, Bruce Manning (28) was the winner with 40 points, finishing two points ahead of Tony Hardy (21) on 38.

Nearest the pins: Basil Favaro on the 8th, Kevin Bourke on the 12th and Tony Wouters on the 17th. Balls to 32.

Golfer of the Year: four points to Bruce Manning, three to Tony Hardy, two to Jeff Lancaster and one to Lindsay Fenner.

Card draw winners: Ross Lacy and Bruce Manning.


Forty-five women enjoyed a par event on the West course on Wednesday.

A-grade was won by Margaret Wallace (16) with 1-down while B-grade went to Carol Pettit (28) with square.

Nearest the pins: Jan Curran on the 5th and Helen Adkins on the 13th.

Down the line balls: three balls to 2-down, two balls to 3-down, 1-down.

Thursday competition

Thursday’s competition was a stableford event played by 86 men and five women.

For the men, Jon Milovitch (12) was A-grade winner with 40 points while Barry Davies (30) was B-grade winner, also with 40 points.

Nearest the pins: David Gumbleton on the 6th, Adrian Kirk on the 8th, Don Robinson on the 12th and ‘Darth’ Milovitch on the 17th.

Ball run down: four balls to 40 points, three balls to 38 points, two balls to 36 points and one ball to 34 points.

Helen Hall (37) was the women’s winner with 33 points. Nearest the pins: Gai Mitchelson on the 8th and Marg Wallace on the 17th.

One ball to 30 points.

Saturday competition

It was Monthly Medal time on Saturday with 118 men and 18 women taking part in the stroke event on the Old course.

Medal winner was David Gumbleton (15) with a nett score of 70.

The A-grade nett winner was Sam McLean (3) also with a score of 70 while the A-grade scratch winner was Peter Glidden (0) with a score of 74.

In B-grade, it was Gumbleton with his score of 70 that was the nett winner with Ivan Fox (15) the scratch winner with 86.

In C-grade Sam Condy (31) was the nett winner with a score 71 while the scratch winner was Colin Hough (20) with 93.

Nearest the pins: Stewart Crawford on the 6th, Jim Waterworth on the 8th, Graham Murray on the 12th and Geoff Sadler on the 17th. Pro pin went to Jim Waterworth.

Ball run down: four balls to 71 nett, three balls to 72 nett, two balls to 74 nett and one ball to 76 nett.

For the women, Steffi Vogel (1) was the winner with a nett score of 69.

Nearest the pins: Heather Miller on the 8th and Margaret Wallace on the 17th.

Two balls to 72 nett and one ball to 77 nett.


Sunday’s Slomen, which was sponsored by Justin Munro, was played by 19 players in a count-your-putts competition.

The winner of A-grade was P. Barrie with 16 putts while in B-grade it was M. Harrison with 14 putts.

Balls to 17 putts: T. Nolan, J. Munro, R. McDiarmid, Burna, J. Dobbie, G. Hocking, Mo and Red. Nearest the pins: W. Magee on the 5th and R. Medcraft on the 8th.

Next week will be played on the back nine of the Old course for a medal day starting at 7am-8am.

Sunday competition

Sunday saw 19 players compete in a par event on the West course with Paul Wisniewski (19) with 5-up the winner.

Balls down the line: two balls to 2-down: Ray Bill, Joe Hrdina and Ruth Messner, one ball to four down: Steve Hind, Frank Messner, Reg Miller, Christina Hrdina, Lorraine Heenan and BJ Miller.

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