Cobram silo debate rages

February 23, 2017

Bird nest: There are concerns about the number of pigeons which have made their home in the silos.

The future of the Cobram silos has divided opinions in town.

An application to demolish the unused silos and nearby railway track is currently before Moira Shire Council, with the owners looking to develop the site into a commercial centre.

The application said the silos had become a safety concern and a liability with continuing deterioration and were continually being broken into and vandalised.

Pigeons nesting in the silos have also become a health concern.

Many people are disappointed to see the silos possibly lost to history and had hoped to see them transformed into silo art, which has injected much into the economies of western Victorian shires who have painted theirs in the Silo Art Trail.

However, a number of others recognise the benefits, including an economic boost, development of the site would bring, especially if it attracted more business and industry.

Others also recognised that while they were a part of Cobram’s history, there wasn’t anything unique about them.

Council is expected to make a decision on the application at its March meeting.

The Cobram Historical Society discussed its position on the silos at a recent meeting.

‘‘Regarding the application to Moira Shire Council in respect of the demolition of the Cobram silos, the society will not be objecting to the application,’’ a short statement from society president Pat Kerr said.

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