More storage for Cobram Mens' Shed

February 23, 2017

Storage is needed: Cobram Mens Shed's Terry Langton said that the new storage conatiner for the group will be a welcome sight.

After more then three years of persistence the Cobram Men’s Shed will be getting the extra storage space it has been asking for.

Up until two weeks ago, the requests for a storage container had gone ignored by the Cobram Showgrounds committee, but a phone call last week changed that.

Cobram Men’s Shed member Terry Langton said it wasn’t until he called the committee last Wednesday that he found out the storage container had been approved.

‘‘Around three years ago we (the Cobram Men’s Shed) put in an application to the Cobram Showgrounds committee to get an additional storage container put out the back of our shed,’’ Mr Langton said.

‘‘But since then we hadn’t heard anything more about it.

‘‘I wrote the committee another letter in January of this year asking if there was an update, but again heard no reply.

‘‘It wasn’t until this week when I called them that I found out it would be going ahead.’’

Mr Langton said the new storage space was welcome news to the group, because the shed was becoming cluttered.

‘‘We often get people drop off old book cases or TV units that we are able to pull apart for materials, and after a while we simply run out of space.’’

Mr Langton said a meeting had been set up for Tuesday (yesterday) with the showgrounds committee in order to work out the details of the container and where exactly it would be placed.

‘‘Our hope would be have it fenced off so that we won’t have to worry about it being broken into.’’

Mr Langton said he and his fellow 24 Cobram Men’s Shed members were excited about the prospect of the storage container, but there was still more work to be done for the group.

‘‘We do ask businesses around the area who might have bits of timber or other materials they might not need any longer to donate them to us. Any little bit helps.’’

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