Spider versus snake in Cobram battle

February 23, 2017

Viral video: North Vic Engine's Brenton Maher and Glenn Arundel were amazed when a video of a redback spider killing a juvenile eastern brown snake went viral on Facebook. Picture: Neary Ty/Twitter.

Spider versus snake 2016: A picture taken on February 23 last year at North Vic Engines, also showing a redback spider getting the best of another juvenile brown snake.

Forget all the epic animal battles you’ve seen before — this one is like no other.

When a deadly juvenile eastern brown snake slithered its way into the workshop of North Vic Engines in Cobram last Wednesday, there was someone there to save the day.

Their ‘pet’ red-back spider.

In an encounter that Sir David Attenborough would be proud to narrate, the venomous spider, slowly descending to the floor, soon had the slippery reptile cornered in its web and it eventually pounced with a death strike.

Since the video was posted online, it’s gone viral with more than seven million views.

‘‘One of the fellas was putting something away when they saw the snake, and they saw it was stuck in the spider web and the spider was really having a go,’’ North Vic Engines’ Brenton Maher said.

Despite the short length of the video, the battle-to-the-death went for about 15 to 20 minutes, Mr Maher said, although the encounter could have started before it was spotted by staff.

Since the battle between reptile and eight-legged arachnid was posted online Wednesday night, it’s garnered almost 30000 comments, more than 67000 shares and more than 23000 reactions.

‘‘We definitely never expected something like this,’’ Mr Maher said.

‘‘When we posted it, (fellow staff member) Glenn (Arundel) and I were both looking at it on Facebook and texting each other about it, we just couldn’t keep up with all the comments.

‘‘My phone was going flat trying to keep up. (The video going viral) definitely wasn’t intentional, we had no idea this would happen.

‘‘We generally just put up a few posts about what we’re doing in the workshop and so we thought a few people might watch it, but we never expected it to do what it did.’’

Mr Maher said the only disappointing thing for the staff were the number of accusations levelled at them for allegedly using a fishing hook to trap the snake.

He said they were completely false and the snake had become caught up in the spider’s web.

‘‘There was no hook,’’ he said.

A second video posted to Facebook on Thursday morning shows another juvenile eastern brown snake wrapped up in spider webs and Mr Maher said it’s not the only time something like this has happened.

Last year, staff found themselves in another similar situation where a red-back had killed a young snake, with pictures showing the snake bundled up in the spider’s web.

Mr Maher said for now, they were letting the spider reside at the workshop in case of future slippery visitors, and after all the media attention staff were looking forward to getting back to work on a quiet day.

‘‘It can hang around,’’ he said.

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