Cobram Barooga bowls action

February 22, 2017


Cobram advanced to the grand final of Murray Bowls Division Friday pennant, defeating Tocumwal Golf in a convincing win 92/45, played at Finley RSC Bowls Club last Friday.

Marj McDonald defeated Kay Beare 35/11, Brenda Smethurst defeated Cheryl Townsing 34/15 and Marj Carlisle defeated Andrea Brown 23/19.

Cobram will now play the winner of the preliminary final between Barooga Sports and Tocumwal Golf, which will be played at Cobram this Friday.

Saturday sides scooped the pool again with convincing wins in all divisions.

Division one defeated reigning premier Wunghnu by 16 shots at home to gain top spot on the ladder with one game to play prior to the finals. Scores were 100/84.

Greg Dunn drew with Trevor Hosie 21/21, Gary Carter drew with Des Mullane 20/20, Steve Tatnall defeated Andrew Henderson 33/20 and Ray Parks defeated Gary Downie 26/23.

Division two defeated Finley 110/88 and division three defeated Finley 84/54. Division 4 had the bye.

Pennant teams for Saturday:

Division one v Tocumwal Golf away: B. Maddox, R. Sullivan, G. Williams, G. Dunn (s); F. Dunkley, D. Quinane, M. Smith, G. Carter (s); J. Anders, G. Murphy, K. Baldacchino, S. Tatnall (s); K. Munro, A. McDonald, R. Griffiths, R. Parks (s). Manager: G. Murphy.

Division two v Nathalia away: M. Reilly, G. Mynard, R. Dougherty, C. McDonald (s); J. Mynard, P. Quinane, A. Van Dam, A. Reeves (s); R. Smith, B. Walker, B. Smethurst, R. Palczak (s); A. Vinecombe, J. Beasley, M. Crisafulli, M. McDonald (s). Manager: M. Reilly.

Division three v Barooga Sports at home: N. Ingram, Barb Turner, J. Taylor, P. O’Dwyer (s); D. Collie, K. Shields, B. Murphy, A. Temple (s); G. Bowen, M. Carlisle, K. Faulkner, A. Rushby (s). Manager: P. O’Dwyer.

Division four v Berrigan at home: C. Ward, N. Walsh, G. Mann, J. Burkitt (s); F. Wallace, C. Struthers, J. Crump, P. McKay (s).

Women’s singles champion Kerry Baldacchino will compete in the finals of the Central Goulburn Murray Champion of Champions Singles at Wunghnu Bowls Club next Sunday.

Barooga Sports

Trade day was at Nathalia and sponsored by Peter Cox and Sons Funeral Directors from Numurkah, where a strong field contested the day.

There was only one four-game winning team — Bob Griffith, Peter Buller and Frank Dunkley — so they were declared the winners.

With 3 wins the team of Barry Cosgrove, Joe Luci and Brian Gentle were runners-up.

Best second-game with nine shots up were P. Denham, P. Lomas and R. Anset from Kyabram.

Best third-game winners with 20 shots up were Ian Bolton, John Staggard and John Woods.

Best fourth-game winners were Bruce Agnew, Steve Patching and ‘Butch’ with 14 shots up.

The NABA award was keenly contested this week but was eventually won by Keith Faulkner, Phil O’Dwyer and Ross Simpson with 14 points for the day.

The jackpot was again safe and is now worth $520 this week which will be contested this week at Numurkah but is Picola’s day.

Despite the Friday pennant finals being played, 16 players attended for Keith’s Friday, and winners were Fred Pinnuck and John Bruce with a score of +9; runners-up were Archie Ellis and Kevin Kennedy with +7.

Best first-game with a score of +2 were Geoff Brentnall and Heather Crosthwaith, while best second-game winners were Heather Ricketts and Peter Russell with +7.

Pennant results were mixed. The Friday pennant finals saw the division one side win to progress to the preliminary final this week and the division two side lost its final but has the second chance this week.

Both teams will be playing Tocumwal Golf at Cobram this week.

Saturday pennant saw division one win over Finley RSC, division two won over Nathalia, division three had a close loss by one shot to Berrigan, division 4/4 lost to Strathmerton by four shots and division 4/5 won over Berrigan by 26 shots.

With one game to go in Saturday pennant, division one is in second spot on the ladder, division two in third place, division three now out of the four and in sixth place and in division four we have the 4/4s firmly entrenched in second place and the 4/5s just two points out of the four with every chance to win their way into the four this week.

Barooga Sports women

The first semi-final was played on Friday, February 17 at Finley RS.

Division one had a very good win against Finley.

C. Wigg defeated N. Smith 29-16, E. Saunders defeated L. Bergmen 34-16 and J. Toohey defeated H. Tabe 21-19, with Barooga finishing on 84-51.

Division two went down to Berrigan 84-63. P. Escott defeated N. Dart 27-20, M. Hoog went down to F. Gibbs 11-37 and P. Nichols narrowly went down to G. McKay 25-27.

In the preliminary final, both teams will play at Cobram on Friday (February 24) at 9.15am roll-up to start at 9.30am.

Pennant teams for Friday:

Division one v Tocumwal Golf 1: E. Saunders (s), M. Burnett, D. Nye, M.Smethurst; J. Toohey (s), K. Ralph, D. Nash, A.Nichols; C. Wigg (s), H. Smith, E. Blizzard, R. Burnett. Emergency: B.Gowers.

Division two v Tocumwal Golf 2: M. Hoog (s), K. Bruce, D. Barnes, R. Campbell; P. Escott (s), B. Oldham, R. Quinn, L. Knight; P. Nichols (s), L. Ewing, H. Quinn, R. Blizzard. Emergency B. Ewing.

Good luck and good bowling to both the midweek pennant teams.

It is do or die this week — if either teams lose they are out, and if we have wins we will be in the grand final the following week.

At Social Bowls on Monday, February 20, winners were C. Wigg, L. Ewing, H. Quinn and H. Crosthwaite.

Murray Valley bowls


Barooga 105-18 d Finley 64-0

H. Smith 25 d D. Cordell 14, R. Emerson 27 d R. Brown 17, P. Russell 27 d S. Lunn 17, P. Ware 26 d A. West 16.

Cobram 100-16 d Wunghnu 84-2

G. Dunn 21 drew T. Hosie 21, G. Carter 20 drew D. Mullane 20, S. Tatnall 33 d A. Henderson 20, R. Parks 26 d G. Downie 23.

Strathmerton 94-14 d

Tocumwal Golf 80-4

K. Dunn 32 d W. Searle 18, M. Ryan 24 d R. Taylor 12, T. Loe 19 lt B. Dowling 27, W. McGregor 19 lt M. Henshaw 23.

Numurkah 72-0 lt

Numurkah Golf 103-18

B. Smith 16 lt B. Cosgrove 24, S. Seiter 14 lt M. Hanna 28, P. Dealy 18 lt B. Stanger 26, A. Clark 24 lt B. Agnew 25.


Barooga Sports 113-16 d

Nathalia 80-2

G. Cullen 30 d B. Hutchins 21, A. Ellis 23 lt I. Bolton 25, A. Bennett 31 d K. Holland 17, R. Wright 29 d M. Hudson 17.

Cobram 110-16 d Finley 88-2

C. McDonald 39 d G. Close 13, A. Reeves 26 d N. Smith 16, R. Palczak 30 d G. Haines 25, B. Walker 15 lt A. Haines 34.

Katandra West 116-15 d Picola 77-3

D. Williams 35 d A. Morgan 14, R. Glover 25 drew T. Cobbledick 25, M. Hannaford 22 lt K. Berger 32, G. Barr 34 d T. Smith 6.

Numurkah Golf 84-5 lt

Numurkah 99-13

L. Browning 28 d E. Visser 19, D. Miller 24 d P. Rees 21, R. Bartley 20 drew A. Dealy 20, A. Jones 12 lt H. Henderson 39.


Jerilderie 84-16 lt Finley RSC 45-0

C. Bryce 35 d D. Retallick 15, M. Baldwin 23 d A. Thomas 18, T. Chaplin 26 d S. Malone 12.

Tocumwal Golf (3) 79-14 d

Katandra West 66-2

C. Farrar 21 lt A. Gardner 25, E. Anderson 27 d M. Lawless 24, L. Deering 31 d A. Henderson 17.

Barooga Sports 67-4 lt Berrigan 68-12

G. Hickey 24 d M. Rooney 19, R. Bamford 21 lt R. Bradbury 31, J. Toohey 22 d M. Bush 18.

Finley 54-2 lt Cobram 84-14

K. Bergmans 26 d A. Temple 25, T. Hansford 15 lt K. Faulkner 29, A. Cowan 13 lt P. O’Dwyer 30.

Wunghnu 71-4 lt

Tocumwal Golf (2) 77-12

D. O’Connor 25 d C. Brown 21, R. Robison 25 d K. Beare 20, K. Hodgson 21 lt R. Birthisel 36.


Barooga Sports (5) 47-14 d

Berrigan 19-0

P. Nichols 29 d D. O’Dwyer 7, R. Burnett 18 lt R. Ferry 12.

Numurkah 40-13 d

Tocumwal Golf 31-1

D. Schiele 17 drew P. Morrison 17, S. Shaw 23 d S. Kufner 14.

Strathmerton 44-12 d

Barooga Sports (4) 40-2

M. Day 18 lt G. Ashcroft 26, R. Kirkham 26 d G. Brentnall 14.


Division one: Cobram 207, Barooga Sports 203, Wunghnu 202, Numurkah Golf 168, Finley RSC 145, Tocumwal Golf 108, Numurkah 108, Strathmerton 83.

Division two: Katandra West 227, Cobram 196, Barooga Sports 172, Nathalia 158, Numurkah Golf 154, Picola 129, Finley 97, Numurkah 91.

Division three: Tocumwal Golf (2) 200, Berrigan 171, Cobram 171, Jerilderie 164, Wunghnu 139, Barooga Sports 131, Tocumwal Golf (3) 123, Finley 123, Katandra West 83, Finley 65.

Division four: Numurkah 172, Barooga Sports (4) 163, Cobram 123, Tocumwal Golf 122, Barooga Sports (5) 120, Strathmerton 110, Berrigan 95, Cobram 47.

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